How to Take Good Photos of Your Baby

By: Al Ferguson

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As the owner of a very famous baby photo… I think it’s only natural we talk about taking photo’s of babies.

Taking photo’s of your baby is easy but taking good photos of your baby is totally different thing. In this tutorial video, you’ll learn some top tips to make sure you get quality snaps of your precious bundle. With this ‘How to take good photos of your baby’ video, you’ll learn the following:

# How to create a setting / How to compose your picture on a budget.

# How to use your camera’s aperture settings effectively for babies.

# How to set your camera’s shutter speed correctly.

# The rule of thirds.

# How to set your camera’s ISO setting.

Plus some great advice from our professional photographer and new dad.

Babies aren’t babies forever so whilst they are, make sure you capture them on camera now.

So, enjoy the tutorial, learn some great tips and learn how to take good photos of your baby.

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We filmed this video during a tutorial from Keith at his home. I knew nothing about DSLR cameras and certainly nothing about using one. But having spent time with Keith and going over the principles you’ve watched in the video, I am much more confident. Here’s a photo I took during the session.