We previously wrote  about the fantastic Lauren Book, owner of Lauren’s Kids, a global organization putting an end to Childhood Sexual Abuse. She now has a fantastic book It’s Okay to Tell, with a forward from Lisa Ling. This is a book that should be on every family book shelf.

It’s Okay To Tell speaks about Lauren’s harrowing years of abuse under the hands of her nanny and how with the help of her father, she has become a crusader for kids and adults everywhere who have been violated. Even if you come from a good, solid, loving family, these predators can lurk around and attach themselves to your family. It’s Okay To Tell and Lauren’s website give tools to parents and kids to see warning signs, who to trust and ultimately that it is okay to tell if you think something is not right or if you are being abused.

its okay to tell

This book is a hard read, but a necessary one. Lauren opens her story and her heart to the reader, so that we can peer into the mindset of someone who is being abused. She gives us the understanding of an abused child, their mindset and now has provided us with tools on how to stop it, often before it starts.


You end up becoming Lauren’s cheerleader as she finds her voice and prosecutes the woman who abused her and celebrate when she creates Lauren’s Kids. This is a must read book because Lauren is ending the taboo topic of child abuse and putting a guiding light to parents on how to read the signs. Ultimately, she is arming children with a voice to protect themselves, because ultimately, it’s okay to tell.