Planning a family has changed by leaps and bounds in the last ten years. With the boom of women waiting longer to have children, many turn to freezing their eggs. So many Moms to be are balancing their careers and their love lives, their bodies give them only so much time to have children. Women are now taking charge and have options.

Author is one of America’s premier experts on the future of family, career timing and the influence of science and technology on fertility and pregnancy. Her book, In Her Own Sweet Time covers many avenues of a woman’s choices in having a baby.

From the “hook up culture” to the “baby panic” phase, Rachel gives the reader a first hand account of how she balanced modern love and modern life with the latest medical research. She is now in her second edition of the book, which gives readers the most up to date information on the medicine and science behind fertility and pregnancy.


Rachel Lehmann- Haupt confronts some tough issues, fighting that biological clock or trying for a baby in your later years. She dives into the coined term, DIY Moms and her raw, honest and engaging approach will have you as the reader, hooked.

Women will find this book extremely informative, honest and easy to relate to. Stop with the frenzy and get the experience and up to date facts with this engaging book.

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