J.P. has a wonderful imagination. He loves his fun day playing at the park. He is imagining that he is a monkey in outer space, flying around in his rocket ship. All is well until two polka-dotted aliens show up…


However, in real life, these are not aliens at all but two twin girls who want to change his rocket ship adventure into a fancy tea party. J.P. is really mad that the girls are changing his wonderful adventure. Can J.P. learn to play nicely?

Author Anna Crespo captures a little boy’s imagination and shows in simple terms conflict and conflict resolution. Your little ones can relate to J.P., his imagination, his feelings of anger and how he resolves the problem correctly. Illustrator Erica Sirotich draws perfectly for preschoolers and tots to understand the amazing adventures J.P. is having. She also does a great job corelating the imagination scenes with the real ones. Your children will be able to decipher the similarities between the twins and the polka dotted aliens.

This is a great book for kids. This is another fantastic win for Albert Whitman and Company.

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