Nesting Story-Murals for Moms… and More!

Every new parent wants a decorated baby room to bring their new bundle of joy in to call their own. However, many parents are looking for something unique to decorate their baby room! Who can find the time to either paint a beautiful mural or decorate a baby room with so much going on leading up to the birth of a child? The Baby Spot sat down with Joanna Venditti from Nesting Story to hear more about her business in Milton, Ontario, Canada.

A Princess Mural by Nesting Story

A Princess Mural by Nesting Story

Nesting Story has three distinct categories. Joanna creates beautiful murals for baby and children’s bedrooms. She also runs a baby registry for new parents and finally, she is a maternity shopper for those busy, trendy moms.  The Baby Spot interviewed Joanna to find out how she created this multi-faceted business, to learn more about a Baby Registry and to find out what the latest maternity trends are for summer of 2013!

How did you start painting murals?

Joanna- I am an artist and love fine arts. When my sister-in-law was expecting my nephew eight years ago, I offered to create a mural as a gift. It was trial by error but I loved it! I do my murals free hand by small inspirational images and for some reason painting on such a large scale is a perfect fit for me!


Beautiful hand painted murals

Beautiful hand painted murals

How and when did you decide to use your talent to help other mothers create their own dream nurseries?

Joanna- I am an interior designer by trade and I always continued with my murals on the side. The murals expanded to nursery design and prep, mostly out of my love for design and seeing the whole nursery come together with the mural.

Tell us more about your registry management.

Joanna- The Registry Management Program can often go hand in hand with the nursery design. I have often been the go to person for family and friends who have questions about what to register when expecting. I have tried and tested many products with my two kids and I am constantly checking out what is new and exciting in the baby world. I know that when I was expecting my first, I was working full time and exhausted. The Registry Management Program takes the stress off of new parents. Nesting Story can either help or create the entire registry for parents and do all of the returns and exchanges too. Check out Nesting Stories  Check out Nesting Stories blog of Picks and Skips:

How did you become a shopper for mothers in maternity wear?

Joanna- It was a natural expansion from my love of design and fashion. I like to help Moms pick out the important “must have” maternity pieces such as maternity skinny jeans, stretchy tank tops and a great fitting bra and then mix up the items that they may already have or some fabulous pieces  that can transcend into maternity wear.

Can you spill on some of the styles we are seeing in maternity wear for summer of 2013?

Joanna- We are seeing a departure from the recent free flowing bohemian maxi dress and seeing more form fitting tops paired with skinny jeans and tailored and structured knee length dresses. It is about showing off the belly in a classic way.


Joanna Venditti is a Mompreneur who took her talent and created a beautiful business in the GTA that caters to mothers who are on the go! If you would like to contact Joanna or book a free in person consultation.