Jumbo Stickers For Little Hands Cute Stuff

For the young sticker lover, Jumbo Stickers Little Hands Cute Stuff is the must have gift this year! From the Jumbo Stickers Little Hands brand, the latest in sticker fun is essential for your little sticker lover.


For Cute Hands Only!

For cute hands only! This jumbo sticker set has over 75 stickers for your little ones to enjoy. From cute food to happy stars, this sticker set will excite even your youngest of sticker lovers. There are 22 different pages of fun background scenery that your children can choose to enjoy and make super cute. Our personal favorite was the store shop where you little one can fill the shelves with adorable stickers.

What is special about these stickers is that they are jumbo! Yes, they are two inches or larger. This makes it easier for little hands to choose a sticker and remove it. Then they can place it in the desired space. From beautiful outdoor scenes to our favorite storefront, your child will be guaranteed hours of fun.

Oops! Your child put a sticker in the wrong place. They can peel it off and restick! We found that unlike other stickers, this sticker set was generous and was easy to repeel and replace the sticker in a different space. It wasn’t easily torn like competitive sticker brands.

Jumbo Stickers For three year olds

These stickers are recommended for children ages three and up. This is a great age for your curious three year old to fall in love with the world of stickers. Jumbo Stickers Little Hands Cute Stuff is a part of a set! This means your child can collect them all. It makes a great present, stocking stuffer, birthday gift or a just because.

It’s no secret that author and creator Jumike Tejido made such a fabulous book. With over one hundred books authored and/or illustrated, this is just another great choice for children to enjoy. Tejido has worked in digital art and understands what kind of eye popping colors and cute characters your children will enjoy.

We recommend Jumbo Stickers For Little Hands Cute Stuff!