The Top 10 Essentials For Pregnant Mom

The Top 10 Essentials For Pregnant Mom-  If you are a lucky mom-to-be or know someone who is, check out these top essential products designed to help smooth the way for mom, dad and baby. Parenthood is so much easier when you have baby’s necessities ready-to-go. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Extra Support

Pregnancy can take a toll on mom’s legs. A great outfit piece to add to your maternity collection is footless tights. These snug, yet comfortable compression tights are serious go-to favorites that lessen swelling and increase circulation. They can actually be worn after your little angel arrives, too.

Best Jeans Ever

Getting ready for baby for nine months can take a toll on mom’s body. All she wants is to be comfortable. Tummy trimming jeans will totally help mom feel good all over. Shapewear denim pants and other trimming outfits slenderize with comfortable movement capacity, too. In fact, mom might just like a pair for every day of the week.

Nursing Pros

The best nursing helper idea since, well, sliced bread, is the nursing bra. Comfortable, flattering to fuller figured feeding stations and very easy to manage nursing bras make feeding times so much easier.

Nursing Pads Equals Self-Confidence

Ladies, nursing can almost be a sport in itself. Feeding babies is a workout! Protect your lovely clothes and spare yourself from embarrassing moments of excess moisture finding its way for everyone to see. Nursing pads are made to save the leaky day!

Calm, Cool and Convenient Nursing Tops

The exciting transition from maternity to nursing means mom needs new clothes. With kiddos nursing every few hours, nursing tees provide convenient, easy-open flap designs that look and feel like a regular tee. Nothing like stretchy softness to make nursing easier than ever.


Many new parents are a little surprised to discover all of the gear baby needs in and out of the house. Calm those little surprises with a multi-functional, multi-purpose carry-all tote that can be used as a nursing cover-up, as well as a tote for tossing in whatever baby gear your heart desires!

Wrap ‘n Go

Mom, one of the most innovative ideas for keeping baby close while you do your day is the body wrap. Easily wrap around shoulders and it becomes a comfortable carrying pouch in which to carry your little darling next to your heart – hands free!

Cloth Diaper Cleaning Systems

Lots of cool moms like you are opting for cloth diapers over expensive disposable diapers. Using a cloth diaper cleaning system that has a funnel, sprayer and shield will flush those poopie diaper issues right down the drain. No stinky dirty diaper cans needed either!

Warm and Cozy Sleepsacks

From the moment your baby is born swaddling and warmth are important for baby’s overall comfort. Sleepsacks are cute and warm one-piece outfits that cover baby’s legs and feet in an enclosed space. Baby can wiggle and squirm in a cozy environment without mom having to worry about chilly drafts making baby’s legs cold.

Video Babysitter

Moms, it is natural to worry about your baby when you can’t see her. With a digital video camera you can take the monitor with you all over the house. This must-have is a great accessory for mom to sit down and finally relax knowing baby is snug as a bug in a rug.

There are so many exciting things to look forward to when your baby enters this world. While parenting isn’t always easy, it can be easier! Take advantage of baby deals for items like these to give you a boost of confidence and a whole lot more time to love the best years of a mother’s life.

By: Lizzie Weakley

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