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Prior to having children I would hear stories about incidents that occurred to small children because the parents left them alone for “just a minute.” Sadly, the parents or care-giver took for granted that accident can happen in “just seconds”.

“Life has a funny way of teaching us things…”


I later found this out when I became a parent and my son was almost 3. I left him to put something in our kitchen for literally less than 2 minutes when I heard the sound of running water. As I ran to the room I found that my son had entered our bathroom and turned on our bathtub faucet and was falling into the tub. After making sure that he was ok I couldn’t help be think “What if I would’ve arrived a minute or two later?”

That experience and the thought of “what if…” has changed me and how I parent forever. I learned that day that an accident can happen when we least expect. From that day I set out to do whatever I can to help prevent other families from having occurrences like what I had experienced.

If you have kids, you know that kids love to play with water. The bathroom sink and the tub are the favorite places to play; being close to eye level and having easy access may have a lot to do with it. Hidden behind the splashing of water is the potential of hot water scalding.

Hot water scalding comes when a child accidentally turns on the hot water and the pre-set temperature for the water heater is too high.

How do parents and care-givers have to deal with is how do we prevent these occurrences?
Though not many there are some ways of preventing hot water scalds and water damage but not necessarily that do both at the same time and each has its pros and cons.


PREVENT access to bathrooms and NEVER leave a child unattended in the tub. Some parents think that if the water is low that the child is okay to play in the tub. FALSE! A child can drown in less than 2” of water.
• Turning down the temperature on your hot water heater. Setting the temperature down to 120 degrees F (49 degrees C).
• But if you like me, I like my long hot showers and tend to turn the temperature back up again and forget to turn it down. If you can remember to do this and your hot water tank is in the lower portion of your home, think of all the good cardio you’ll get going up and down the stairs while you are keeping your little one safe from hot water scalds.
• Putting on door alarm transmitter systems which sound immediately when a child goes pass the sensor. There are several devices on the market that alert a parent that a door has been opened but like most things in life finding the one that functions best for you is the challenge and each require that they are used properly. Requirements….
• Fresh batters (that continually need to be checked)
• Require a child to constantly wear a tether wrist band
• Parent or guardian must be with in sound range
• Can be expensive ($20.00 and up)
• Shutting off the water value to your faucet handles. A good option if you don’t mind continuing this process on an “as needed basis”.

• The Faucet Handle Restraint Unit. This is our opinion of the simplest and easily way of protection. Reasons why the product is the best…

• Prevents small children from turning on water faucets
• It’s safe to use
• Highest quality
• Non-intrusive/no hassle/convenient
• Fits most faucets
• Easy for adults, but hard for small children
• Takes less than 2 minutes to put on and seconds to remove
• Peace of mind

• The faucet restraint attaches to most sink faucets, preventing small children from accessing unattended sinks and turning on the water. In addition, it safe guards a home from hundreds of dollars from potential in home water damage accidents. The item is the first and only product in market that solves the consumer need for faucet restraint concerns and is currently in development.
The Faucet Handle Safety Restraint can be found at website and sells for $19.95. Pre-orders are being taken now.
SafeHolmes located in Fort Collins, COLORADO is on a mission to educate and inform parents and care-givers about the importance of safe guarding a home where small children reside or occupy.