Tech Timeout has a great message that will get you to turn off your cell phones and computers and live!


Between all the digital distractions for families and parents who stay connected to work at all times, 50 per cent of Canadian parents agree that technology is ruining the family vacation, according to the Tech Timeout™ survey conducted online by Harris Interactive and sponsored by Foresters™. Additionally, about half (49per cent) find family members’ use of electronic devices on vacation annoying.


Because of statistics like these that show we are interacting more with our digital devices than with each other, Foresters, an international financial services company with a purpose to enhance family well-being, created the Tech Timeout challenge ( to encourage families to take a daily, one-hour break from technology for a week. Participating families are encouraged to disconnect from all things electronic with the goal of helping spouses, parents, and children build stronger bonds and get more involved in each other’s lives. By pledging to take a Tech Timeout while on vacation, families can have more time to relate on a more personal level.


Whether families travel over summer or enjoy a staycation, this powerful video produced by Foresters highlights the encroachment of digital devices in our lives


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