One of the best books for toddlers

We adore books for toddlers. It keeps them interested, engage and learning the art of telling a story. Finding a good toddler book is no easy task. It has to keep your little one’s interest, it has to have words that your toddler can learn and it has to have great illustrations. We were introduced to Little Cat Moe- Where Did You Go? We knew then that this would be a perfect story for toddlers.

It’s for Cat Lovers Too

For cat lovers and little ones alike. Author Finbarr O’Sullivan found his inspiration for the book from his son, who had a fascination with their little cat Moe. Like so many of us who have pets that grow up with our children, babies and tots study a pet’s every movement. Moe and his furry escapades led to a great idea, a toddler book about where Moe goes every day. This book is so relatable to families all over the world, we know it should be a must have for every family with a toddler or every cat loving family all over!

Where is Moe off to today? This picture book with illustrations by Eoghan Dunne keep children engaged with the story. It has a poetic flow of language and the rhyming helps the youngest of children learn new words. Older children will be delighted in the rhythm and rhyme of the book (we challenge you to “sing” and create a rhythmic tune for each page!)

Does Moe play with friends? Is he happy? His happy face tells us he is having great adventures. But what does he do every day? We will let the reader read through the book and decide.

The Morals are Great For Tots

Your children will learn empathy for animals, understand the love of a pet and their owner and to imagine scenarios. These are all perfect learning experiences for a little one to engage in.

We love that everyone has a “Moe” in their life. Whether it is your cat, dog or the lovely bird that perches itself near your house, toddlers and big kids alike can imagine the daily mysteries and fun that these animals may have. This book encourages children to think beyond themselves and into the lives of others, it teaches empathy, love and is relatable to families across the world.

Buy It Today!

Literacy is so important for children, but often time’s toddlers do not get great books that they can enjoy and learn from. Little Cat Moe- Where Did You Go? Does just this and should be a coveted treasure in your family library and nursery schools/creches.

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Little Cat Moe Where Do You Go?