After learning how difficult it is for some pregnant women to maintain their prenatal diet, Hamilton Cowell jumped into action and came up with a business to help all moms to be! Maia Yogurt was born. We sat down with Hamilton to learn more about Maia Yogurt, probiotics and helping pregnant women make a good, nutritional choice.

How did you come up with the concept Maia Yogurt?   I wanted to make a more nutritious yogurt for my cousin’s prenatal diet and something so delicious all pregnant women would happily enjoy and feel how good probiotic-packed, real grass-fed cow’s milk yogurt makes us feel. 

Why do you think so many pregnant women are not meeting their nutritional requirements?  It’s not easy; in fact it is downright difficult.  In addition to the abundance of information out there, much of it confusing, pregnant women juggle so much every day.  Frequently diets take a back seat to convenience.  Maia Yogurt helps pregnant women meet their nutritional requirements and simply makes you feel good.  Non-GMO, packed with protein, 25 Billion probiotics, prebiotic fiber and all the other goodies you need, Maia Yogurt is the ideal yogurt for those eating for two, or three!

Tell us about the importance of probiotics.  Probiotics are little bacteria; little friendly bugs that go into our intestines and simply make us feel better and hinder the absorption of fat into the body. 

Tell us all about Maia Yogurt!  Maia Yogurt is the less sweet Greek yogurt.  With only 2g of added cane sugar, real fruit, and locally sourced grass-fed cow’s milk, Maia is 100% non-GMO and truly delicious. 

Where can we find Maia Yogurt?   Maia is available nationally at The Fresh Market, and Safeway, Whole Foods, Stop & Shop, Giant, and thousands of Eastern Grocery stores.