Badu Meaning, Origin and Information

Badu is a beautiful baby name but is also rare, eclectic and has an interesting history. This rare girl’s name is interesting with a beautiful origin. Let’s dive in on Badu meaning, origin and information about this name.

Badu Meaning and Origin

This name is generally given to little girls. It comes from the Ashanti empire that is now currently the beautiful country of Ghana. Badu is a name that tells a bit of a story. Meaning “tenth born child,” we know that this name was for a milestone in a family. It was a label so others knew where this child ranked in their family and also a milestone to tell others that Badu came from a big family.

This is considered a very rare name. Badu is not popular in the United States and in Ghana it is generally reserved for children that are the tenth born. As people are having less and less children, could Badu drop even more in popularity?

Badu is also a word in Arabic which associates with someone who is nomadic and does not have one set place to live. Families who are looking for a cool and new name may gravitate to Badu if they are travelers themselves and love to explore new lands.

Badu is One Of The Rarest Names in The World

Badu has an interesting meaning. Having a meaning like “tenth born child,” this was assigned to parents who had at least ten children. As children per couple drop and continue to drop, will Badu disappear because of the meaning? Or will it take on a new meaning for people who love it?

Famous People Named Badu

Erykah Badu, American singer and song writer is loved by millions, but also has the name Badu. Interestingly, she has it as a surname. Maybe your child will be the next famous Badu in the future!

Similar Names To Badu

If Badu is close but not quite the baby name that you are looking for, here are some similar names to Badu to keep you inspired.

Aya- Meaning bird

Abella- this name means child.

Boahinmaa- A girl who has left their home community.

Duku- the eleventh born child.

Bella- This name means beautiful girl

Bailey- One who enforces the law.

Each of these names are similar to Badu because they either sound similar or the names have a similar origin and meaning to Badu.

Middle Names For Badu

With a rare name like Badu, you want a rare middle name to compliment it. We have some great suggestions for the name Badu that you are going to like. But how do you choose a middle name? Some people choose the most popular girl names.

Other families choose middle names to honor a family member or a friend. Choosing to give a family or friend’s middle name to your child will increase the bond with the family or friend. Similarly, you should choose someone who has meant a lot to you and your partner. If you are specifically choosing a friend, make sure that they are someone who has been close to you and your partner for a long period of time. You want this person to remain in your child’s life and inspire them like they inspired you.

Some couples choose to combine their names to make a new middle name for their child. For example, if a Father was named Cora and a father’s name was Miles, they may combine the names to make Myla.

Lastly, people choose middle names for their children that have beautiful meanings. This can be choosing a middle name that relates to the families interests. For example, if the family loves being close to water, you may want to choose a middle name with a water meaning. Similarly, a family who is very spiritual may choose a middle name after their religion or spiritual beliefs.

For families that are looking for some beautiful names, here are some great choices:


This English based name means “one who is from the hermitage fields.”


This newer name was made popular by Kylie Jenner naming her first born Stormi. From the United States,  Stormi means “one of impetuous nature.”


Natasha is a classic name that means “one who is born on Christmas Day.” It has a Russian origin.


Originally from Malaysia, this name means “free.”


This English name means “of the laurel tree.”


This beautiful Spanish based girl’s name means “hope.”


This Arabic girl’s name means “moon.”


This Spanish based name means “the valley of the wolves.”


This gender neutral name means “wise.” It has a Welsh origin.


This English girl’s name means “one of the air.”


This English name used to be a surname! Meaning “one from the white field,” this is commonly a girl’s name.

These are just some of the many middle names that you can consider for Badu. From the creative to the traditional! Badu is such a great name, it works with so many different types of middle names.

Badu Meaning

This rare and beautiful girl’s name comes from Ghana with a very interesting meaning. Watching it slowly disappear would be a shame. However, choosing a rare girl’s name for your baby would mean your baby will be the only person you know with that baby name! Badu is one of the rarest names in the world and this would be perfect for your rare gem of a little baby girl.

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