Maisy’s Christmas Party

Its Christmas time and Maisy is hosting a party for all of her friends! Dotty, Eddie, Cyril, Tallulah and Charley are all excited to visit Maisy and play games, tell fun stories and of course, sing Christmas carols! Your child is going to love this interactive book and you are going to be thrilled with the little gifts that are in store inside for you and your child!

K6 Festive Letters from Friends + Some Secret Surprises!

Christmas is quickly approaching and Maisy is always giving to others, including your family! Inside her book, your children are going to be thrilled to explore six fun and interactive envelopes addressed to each of Maisy’s friends! Your child will get a surprise in each envelope including a very special ornament, a puzzle, a simple gingerbread recipe and even a Christmas card from Maisy herself!

The bright colours and presents in every envelope will guarantee that you child will read this book again and again! It is perfect for being an at home library staple or a book you bring along for your holiday travels which will bring your child hours of fun.

Maisy’s Christmas Party Lessons

Your little ones will learn the joy of giving to others and that gifts come from the heart and not the wallet!

Extra Credit

Challenge your child to make a special gift for someone they really care about (bonus points if it is our favorite, a little joke book!) and put it in an envelope. Have your child decorate the envelope themselves! Teach your older child how to properly send a letter.

Maisy is a wonderful character that Lucy Cousins has created into a fantastic series guaranteed to entertain your children. This Candlewick Press published book is fun, interactive and always gives a warm feeling to even the most nervous of readers. From your little book worm to a child who is slowly gaining confidence, Maisy’s Christmas Party is bound to entertain and teach during the most wonderful time of year!

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