Mina and Vine


A Nursing Scarf with Style

Nursing is a whole new experience for a new Mom. It can be beautiful, stressful and Mothers take the time to learn more about the incredible bond with their baby. That is why Mina and Vine Scarves provides both style and versatility.

Mina and Vine Nursing Scarves provides you with comfort, style and versatility before, during and after nursing. It is a one of a kind nursing scarf! It is designed with an innovative magnetic closure and smart fabric technology, it goes from a nursing cover to a stylish accessory with no worries or effort! Speaking of breeze, the fabric used is scientifically proven to keep you both cool and regulate your body temperature. Nursing has never been so cool!

mina and vine trendy nursing scarf

The easy care moisture wicking fabric is not only cooling but dries quickly and is machine washable, making it easy for Moms.

How to Wear Mina and Vine Nursing Scarves

There are many ways to wear these multi-functional nosing scarves. With over ten ways to wear, the styling possibilities are endless, not to mention it is super comfortable. The nursing scarf can also be a shopping cart cover for those days out, a blanket and a carrier.

Mina and Vine | Paying it Forward

magnetic nursing scarf

Each Mina and Vine scarf is proudly made in the USA and this brand is paying it forward. Since one in three Moms have to decide between diapers and food, Mina and Vine generously donate $1 to Helping Mamas, the only coordinated effort to collect and distribute essential baby items to Moms in need.

When nursing your baby, you need a nursing scarf that is beautiful, comfortable and reliable in any environment. That is why we love Mina and Vine, a brand that helps Moms in their most important time in Motherhood.

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