Marsha Mellow Goes Missing- An Unofficial Story For Shopkins Collectors



Everyone loves Shopkins! Now there is an unofficial story for you collectors out there! Shopkins was voted the toy of the year and children love shopping trading and collecting them with their friends.


The Shopkins Kids Club are five girls who meet every week to buy, trade and play with their little characters, as they collect, the girls find themselves on many exciting adventures, while learning a lesson about friendship, loyalty and family.

When nine year old Maggie’s prized character, Marsha Mellow goes missing during a camping trip, she has to investigate. She follows clues to find her toy. Maggie begins to suspect her friends, including Ava, who liked her Marsha Mellow collectable, a little too much. Can Maggie solve the mystery without losing her friendships?


Marsha Mellow Goes Missing is a great story for kids to go on an adventure, enjoy a story about friends, just like your child, collecting prized collectables and having adventures with friends. Author Kenley Shay makes sure to add some good life lessons for your little reader so they walk away learning about the importance about nurturing friendships and trust.

As Maggie follows the clues to find the missing Marsha Mellow, she learns lessons about taking care of your things, not judging others too quickly, apologizing when you need to, and, most of all, inclusion: inviting others to join in instead of keeping them out. More members in the Shopkins Kids Club just means more fun! Join Maggie and the Shopkins Kids Club in this brand-new story for Shopkins collectors!


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