Matthew is such an adorable baby! When Mother Megan Boler noticed that her two month old baby boy did not have a soft spot on the top of his head, she took him to see a specialist. Matthew was diagnosed with a type of craniosynostosis called sagittal synostosis, meaning his skull had fused on the back of his head too early. As a result his brain had no place to grow, which led to his odd head shape.

Megan’s adorable baby was to have surgery and wear a helmet. If gone undetected, the brain experiences pressure that can lead to eye problems, headaches and developmental delay. Matthew was sent to Texas Children’s Hospital to see a neurosurgeon. At only ten weeks old, Matthew went for corrective surgery. Doctors removed the ‘bad bone’ and had to wear a helmet for 23 hours a day to allow his skull to fuse properly.


We are thankful to report that little Matthew is almost a year old now and is a cheerful, happy little boy post surgery! His helmet is now a thing of the past and we look forward to seeing Matthew continue to grow and enjoy life.

Though the situation was fearful, Megan’s insight and determination not only has brought awareness, but it saved her son’s life. You will all be happy to know that Matthew is a bright and cheerful little tot! A tot, that no longer needs his helmet! You would not know that adorable Matthew has ever had a surgery or a type of craniosynostosis. Instead he is thriving! Thank goodness his Mother noticed something was different and took her child to the doctor. Her fast acting response saved Matthew from tremendous pain. This is why Megan Boler is our Strong Mom of the Month!

If you have any questions about your babies health, do not hesitate to see a doctor.



*Megan recommends Cranio Care Bear , an organization that helps spread awareness, education and help to families who have a child with craniosynostosis.