Remember when you were younger, talking to your friends on the phone, playing sports, meeting new friends and going on dates? Maybe you joined a club or had an after school job. You got a hold of your friends and family by walking to their house or giving them a call. Now when you see teenagers, they do things a lot different. Cell phones, social media, apps, snap chat, etc! It can be a lot for a parent to keep up. We want to protect our children and our teens from the outside world, we want to make sure they make safe choices both in public and online and most of all, we want to connect with them, without creating a generational rift.

Authors Susan Morris Shaffer and Lina Perlman Gordon have parent’s answer with How to Connect with your iTeen. Consider this book a parenting road map.


Have you worried about your quiet son being depressed? He won’t share an iota of news about school, friends or life. Are you as equally worried about your daughter and the drama her friends seem to be constantly going though? Teenagers have a lot on their plates and need their parents to guide them and be a safety net to come for advice. They don’t understand that you are in their corner. How do we make sure they know we are there and on their side? The chapter of The Parenting Map to Communications and Connection is a perfect resource.

We love that each section of each chapter has bullet points to sum up how you can execute each problem of communication you and your teen may be feeling. This book is new, up to date with the latest technology and is a great resource to connecting with today’s teen.

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