Our Twelve Days of Likes Series begins with Nadia Lloyd. As we look around the world for great gift ideas and inspiration, we fall into Toronto, Ontario, Canada where designer Nadia Lloyd started painting in 2010. She has been creating every day since. She is a self taught abstract artist and designer and she works on her pieces. Her designs reflect her artistic flair and often, the beautiful city in which she resides.



“My mission is to make art accessible, affordable and functional. I never shy away from an opportunity to chat about art with my fans or to paint in front of an audience. I consider myself  extremely blessed to have found a medium that allows me to express my creativity. Each piece I create carries with it a little piece of my soul.”
We are impressed by her Toronto: By Nadia Lloyd Collection. You can indulge your whole family in fashion accessories, scarfs, clothing and more for the entire family.
Enjoy viewing her collections which now include: original abstract art on canvas, fashion accessories (leggings, scarves, hats and skirts), her home decor collection (shower curtain, duvet covers and cushions) and her Toronto By Nadia Lloyd collection.
Some of her key pieces dawn the Toronto landscape, giving a fresh and exciting vibe to every piece she creates. Nadia Lloyd’s artistic flair allows you to express yourself through her beautiful choice in colours/colors and fabrics.


The beanie collection is priced at $42.50 – $49 per beanie and you can choose a lighter weight bamboo material for the lining or a more heavy cotton lining for the harsh winters. These make a great gift because everyone needs to stay warm in the winter and there is no reason you can’t do it in a unique and stylish way. He matching beanies in adults, kids, and babies sizes allow for adorable mini-me style. They make the perfect stocking stuffer for him or her as well! The unisex collection is available online at



Nadia’s Toronto print onesies are a must have for all hip babies! At $26.50, these 100% cotton stylish onesies come in black and white with Nadia’s Toronto print on the front. They are available in newborn, 6, 12, 18, and 24 months sizes. Find them online at


Silk Chiffon Scarves

Priced at $69.00 and made from 100% silk chiffon, these beautiful and easy to wear scarves make a great gift because they are versatile and designed to make you feel beautiful and inspired. Perfect for a gift for mom or that best friend in your life who you lean on, moms may want to wrap this up under the tree for themselves this year. They are available online as well as at Fresh Collective and The Spacing Store in Toronto, and at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection.


As an artist, Nadia wanted to make her art more accessible to people and decided to take it from the canvas into your closet. Featuring both her abstract art designs as well as a tribute to her city of Toronto, each piece has a unique feel and will add a pop of colour or visual interest to any outfit.