You may have seen parents in public punish their children…sometimes harshly. There is explanation of why toddlers and children act out the way they do and there are better answers then strict punishment. Best selling authors Tina Payne Bryson and Daniel J Siegel have written a book highlighting the link between a child’s neurological development and the way a parent reacts to misbehavior in No-Drama Discipline. This is a must have book for new and seasoned parents.

How does your family define discipline? Do you instruct or shout or reprimand? Siegel and Payne Bryson dive deep into this definition and teach you the true ways to reach your tot, child or teen. It’s time to redirect emotions and teach your children how to grow from a mistake or experience and not to feel shame, anger or spite towards the parent trying to teach the lesson.

no drama

We appreciate how the authors take the time to illustrate and give excellent tips to teach our children to move forward from a tantrum and give them the tools and insight to repair the problem and feel and receive empathy. Even though this can be a complicated subject, the book is easy to understand and all parents (and grandparents too) can learn from the tips and advice provided in the book.

Our favorite part of No Drama Discipline is the stories and fun illustrations. You can relate to the examples but also walk away with a wealth of knowledge. It is not preachy, but informative.

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