When we have this new baby come into our lives, we are overwhelmed with joy and begin the daily duties of taking care of a newborn. However, some children are born with sensitivities such as allergies. Can these children thrive if their parents are more knowledgeable of a newborn’s needs? Author Diane Bahr thinks so and she has created Everything From Bottles and Breathing to Healthy Speech Development.


Why does your little boy grind his teeth? How can you monitor your little girl’s speech development? This book has it all and more and really makes you think about the little things you see your baby say and do everyday.

Author Diane Bahr is a certified speech language pathologist and infant massage instructor. She has practiced speech language pathology since 1980. She has created this book as an amazing resource for parents!

Identifying autism is detailed in this book, as well as tips and tricks for positioning and feeding. This book is literally the A to Z book of everything that has to do with the Healthy Development of your baby in that first year and beyond. We recommend both parents and grandparents to pick up Everything From Bottles and Breathing to Healthy Speech Development to have on their bookshelves. Parents will learn a lot about a child’s mannerisms and signals. They may be small but we can still try attend their signals to help their every need.