“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

Some jobs can make us crazy, some are boring and some raise our stress levels until we burn out. And you know what helps when you’re feeling down? A sincere smile of a child unspoiled by life experiences. And now just imagine that your job includes working with dozens of kids like this, there won’t be a depressing, and certainly not dull, moment in your life. If you don’t believe us, here are just a few perks you can get by working with children.

You can become more patient

Have you ever tried to spend more than an hour with a three year old? If you have then you know they like to ask tons of questions, and they don’t stop until they get an answer they understand. You can explain them how snow falls from the sky, and they will ask you why. You can tell them that the Earth is round, they will want to know how you know that, and so on. With time, you will become more patient and this will translate great to other aspects of your life.

There is no sitting still in the kids’ world

There are some jobs that keep us chained to a chair, which leads to gaining weight and a lot of health problems. You will not have such problems if you’re working with youngsters. They are constantly running around. But not only will your brain be active, your mind will also work around the clock when you are teaching them to solve problems and understand things.

They instill you with optimism

As we grow up we become more and more aware of everything that is wrong with this world and, naturally, we become sad and disappointed with that. Kids don’t have such a negative view of the world. They believe in superheroes, fairies and that the good guys always win. And you know what they say about optimism? It’s contagious.

You are constantly motivated to be a better person

Regardless of how amazing it is working with kids, it also has a lot of challenges. Overcoming these challenges help you to become a better version of yourself. Getting a chc30113 certificate in early childhood education and care doesn’t just mean that you will become an expert, it also means that you will be a role model to a lot of young minds, which can certainly encourage you to live up to their expectations.

You get to be imaginative again

Kids not only believe in superheroes, they believe any of us can be superheroes, and they have amazing imaginations, we grownups have lost along the way. Working with them will really help you connect with your inner child and see a bunch of Legos, as a potential building or a fairytale as a history book.

You can inspire them

Just as the kids can inspire you, you can also wake up a spark inside them and motivate them to do wonderful things with their lives. Who knows, maybe there is some future scientist, novelist or a football player in your class? All you need to do is light up that spark. Years from now you can find out they actually made it, and that you were a part of their success.

You’re witnessing their growth

Watching kids grow, develop their skills and discover their passions can be a truly wonderful experience. As a teacher or an early childhood educator, you are directly involved in their psychological, emotional and intellectual growth, which is both a responsible task and rewarding role.

They are sincere

Finally, in a world which is full of hypocrisy, manipulations and lies, it is a true pleasure to work with children who are not calculating their next move, but instead putting their hearts and souls out there so everyone can see them. In return, they can also motivate you to take a more honest approach to yourself and other people in your life.

As you see, working with kids has numerous psychological benefits. All of them combined make the perfect, just slightly bumpy, road to happiness.