What has pregnancy done to my body, OMG!

Please welcome founder of Make My Baby Smile, Rochel Ferman!

By: Rochel Ferman


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For nine months we had many expected and unexpected changes happen to our bodies. Most of these someone told us about so we were somewhat prepared. Then we have our little bundle of joy and wow no one told us about all the post partum changes as well. If you are like an average post partum mom no one probably told you your hair was going to fall out afterwards, sometimes in clumps! This is just one of the many post partum changes your body goes through. Immediately after giving birth some woman even have the “shakes”. I know I had this with my first child and not my second child, it was so scary how badly your body can shake. I was shaking so badly I couldn’t even hold my own baby that I just gave birth to! I was fortunate to know this was common and was able stay calm. Here are some of the many post partum changes our bodies can go through with all the hormonal changes!

1. Bleeding, we can bleed up to 6 weeks after.

2. Hemorrhoids, these painful internal or external suckers are so painful.

3. Swollen feet, with all the extra fluid in our body shifting our feet become very swollen.

4. Hair Loss, when we are pregnant our hair never goes through the fall out stage and after it all falls out. We can thank our hormones for this one.

5. Back and hip pain, whether we went through labor, a C-section or both our bodies are completely destroyed. Our pelvic bones shifted so much that our hips actually hurt, in addition to the extra weight we have been carrying around for 9 months; they have been loosening up for nine months so this has caused a lot of inflammation in your ligaments.

6. Mood swings. Wow! Our mood is out of control and our hormones are going crazy… Just ask the daddies!

7. Phantom kicks, these are weird flutters your feel after you are pregnant, it can be that your uterus takes a long time to stop contracting or maybe we are just more sensitive to this feeling now and can feel everything easier.

8. Bloody gums, your gums and teeth may take a dive after having your baby especially if you are breastfeeding full time. Your little one is taking every piece of nutrition from your body so it’s important to take your prenatal vitamin everyday.

9. Your period, some woman get there periods right away while others it can take a year or so. This can depend on whether you are breastfeeding around the clock or not. Everyone is different. When you do get your period, it is common for it to last 2 weeks.

10. Night sweats, we have so much extra fluid in our body and so many hormonal changes going on we sweat it out at nighttime. I know I use to wake up drenched!

11. Fertility, if you are breastfeeding you are not 100% protected from becoming pregnant so if you don’t want to get pregnant again use protection. If you are not breastfeeding you are actually the most fertile right after you have your baby, so be aware of this.

12. Our stomachs! Wow what happened, stretch marks, pouches; will it ever look the same? Every woman’s body is different but if you work at building and tightening your abdominal muscles there is hope at the end of the tunnel!

We go through so many changes for 9 months and so we have to keep in mind our body needs at least 9 months to undo all of these changes. I know it’s frustrating, but we just have to be patient. The best thing to do is talk to other moms that are also going through the same physical and emotional changes because they can understand you the best.