We are inspired by businesses that aim to help parents in anyway and we are pleased to know Opet Childbirth Services in Toronto, Canada.

How it works…

Opet Childbirth Services offers a variety of services for the new and expecting parent. Through birth and postpartum doula services, birth education, photography and more, your family will be educated on the beauty of childbirth and early parenthood. You do not have to feel lost, Opet Childbirth Services will give you the tools to give you control over your journey. Not only that, but they will teach you how to embrace each experience and capture each wonderful moment.


Opet Childbirth Services is a resource of information. We love their blog, which is filled with insight, wonderful birth stories and wisdom. It’s a hard choice, but our favorite blog is The Four Ways to Prepare Your Pelvic Floor For Birth.
Opet Childbirth Services lets you register for classes and shop at their wonderful online store!

How it all got started…


Owner Amy Wehner explains in her own words, how she created this fantastic resource for parents…


I started Opet because during my pregnancy I found out the importance of complete support from beginning to end of pregnancy and beyond first hand. I never would have been able to go from the scared, insecure woman who was terrified of birth to the confident mother who had an unmedicated home birth without the continuous support I had from my birth team. I also knew how important it was to have a record of all of those memories so that I could look back and remember my story and share that story with my daughter. My daughter and I often go through the images of my pregnancy and birth and talk about what an amazing day that was. It is so important to me that in our culture we build up our children by talking honestly about our stories and share with them those moments that we are at our strongest. I know so many women who didn’t feel that way during their birth because they felt powerless and didn’t know what to expect. I was fortunate to have the support I did and we want to give those same kinds of memories to every woman that walks through our door. Every woman should feel strong and powerful in birth and should look back on every moment knowing that she was in control regardless of the choices she has to make. I started Opet to provide guidance to women through the decisions they have to make and to build a beautiful legacy of their story through memories and imagery that they can pass on for generations.


Amy Wehner, Ph.D.


These testimonials are the moving examples of how Opet Childbirth Services continue to help so many people.


If you are in Toronto and looking for inspiration, guidance and a wealth of knowledge, Opet Childbirth Services is a perfect fit for you.