Optimus Outcome is new company that wants to provide long term career opportunities to the right people who are deeply devoted to improving the way Autism is managed. We interviewed Jonathan Wright, Founder and CEO of Optimus Outcome.


How did you come up with the concept of Optimus Outcome?

Over the years, I have sat and talked with a large number of people, from all walks of life, about how our healthcare services delivery can be improved. I have talked with friends, family members, doctors (and some family members who are doctors!), colleagues, partners, Twitter users (come talk to me at @wrightlegaladv), and all the people seated next to me on airplanes who have commented on the books they saw me reading about cracking health care cost or changing the healthcare system. They have all inspired me in their own way and, more importantly, they have all helped me arrive at this decision: Enough of the Talk – It is Time for Action. We must improve how healthcare services are delivered. I am both happy and proud to now use the skills I gained throughout the years in enterprise software, biotech and general business to put a plan into action for improving autism services. I am hopeful, grateful and, above all, confident Optimus Outcome can develop significant innovations to materially improve the world of children with Autism and the families that love them.

Why do you think parents are not getting adequate care experience for their child on the autism spectrum?

I think as with many other parts of the healthcare system Autism services have failed to use better operations and technology to focus on delivering outstanding patient care and clinical outcomes.  Current rising consumerism in healthcare services, along with greater transparency in outcomes data, is expected to empower patients to make more informed healthcare decisions.  The autism space has been slow to move toward this changing trend in healthcare. A parent of a child on the spectrum loses approximately 250 hours of work a year, we see that and want to support not just their child but the parent and rest of the family so the parent can go from being a primary care giver back to a parent. We are doing this by having the most talented, engaged and career focused workforce. In addition, we are using technologies and tools to support our patients, and to increase and maintain patient and family engagement.

How can Optimus Outcome help families?

We are a relative new company and we are just starting on our journey but our mission is to Make Autism Manageable®. We provide innovative evidence based clinical care using better technology and smarter operations to create a superior care experience for children on the autism spectrum and their parents. The Current modalities of therapy we offer are Applied Behavior Analysis, Speech Therapy and Occupational therapy. We are seeking to empower parents with the ability to make better decisions through actionable education content, better access to more satisfied, better trained and highly skilled employees, to clearer data and health information, and to powerful tools to help coordinate care.


Where are these services available?

Currently we are focused on the San Francisco bay area but have expansion plans. We will probably first expand to other areas where there is a high concentration of children on the spectrum.


How can parents get in contact with you?

There are several ways parents can get in touch with us. The can send us an email through our website at https://www.optimusoutcome.com/contact_us/ . They can reach us on Facebook and Twitter.