Parenting DIY: Top Tips to Ease Your Child’s Sore Throat Pain

Coping with a sore throat is quite literally a pain. Your child having a sore throat can be even worse. There are lots of different methods to help ease the pain of a sore throat. Here are a few tips to try when your child has a sore throat.

Make a Warm Drink

When your child is sick, it is important to make sure that they drink plenty of fluids. You can also make a drink that will help to soothe their aching throat. If your child enjoys drinking tea, try giving them chamomile or peppermint tea. Chamomile is popular for some of its medicinal uses such as an anti-inflammatory agent. Peppermint is often used for treating sore throats because it contains menthol. This acts to reduce the amount of mucus and will help to ease coughing in your child. You can add honey to these mixes, but only if your child is over the age of one. If your child is not a fan of tea, try warming up some apple cider. It is slightly acidic, which can help to clear out some mucus from their throat.

Have a Cool Snack

Use fun shaped ice cube trays and make popsicle treats. You can freeze juice, but make sure that the juice you choose is something that is not too acidic. For example, don’t use orange juice since it can be irritating for a sore throat. Try using a low-fat yogurt to make a fun and nutritious snack. You could also use chicken broth as a popsicle base. You can give your child a bowl of ice cream. The only caution with using a milk based product is that it can produce more mucus, and lead to more coughing fits. Your child probably doesn’t have much of an appetite while they are sick. It is important that they continue to eat, and making that experience fun and new can encourage them.

Try Some Fun Candies

It is not recommended to give a child under the age of five a piece of candy to suck on. This is because it can pose a choking hazard. Try giving them a lollypop instead. Make sure that it doesn’t contain another piece of candy in the middle. If you are a creative person, you could try making your own lollypops. Research recipes that are low on sugar so as not to promote tooth decay in your child. Having the constant moisture in your child’s throat can help to ease the pain associated with their illness. Encourage your child to rest while they are eating their lollypop. Rest really is one of the best medicines.

Use Medication Sparingly

There are some instances when you should consider using medication. Acetaminophen is the best choice for young children since they are too young for the use of cold medication. Instances in which medication is best are when your child has a fever. While a fever is a natural defense for the body when fighting an infection, it is uncomfortable for young children. Fevers can also be especially dangerous in kids since it can quickly escalate to something more serious. Consider saving the medication for nighttime use if it is not required during the day. This can help your child to sleep more comfortably, and get the rest that is required for them to get better. It will also allow you to get some sleep without being disturbed all night.

Coping with your child’s aching throat doesn’t have to leave you ragged. Try these simple solutions out next time your child has a sore throat. If you don’t see any improvement in the first couple of days, you should visit an urgent care, like Emergency Care Dynamics.