What are The Best Pillows for Babies?

Are you looking for Baby pillows or Toddler pillows? Then you should first choose from the baby pillow types that have been reviewed as the best by child health specialists. The best pillows for babies depends on what you are looking for in regards to your little one.

Baby pillows also known as infant or Toddler pillows, are specifically designed for the basic reason of making babies comfortable whenever they sleep. Here I have collected the best types of pillows that can suit best for those small, soft heads and necks.

  1. Supportive Toddler Pillow are the best all round toddler pillows.

This hypoallergenic filled pillow has many benefits and is best for the tender heads of the babies. You can wash them well as these pillows as these pillows are encased within a 100% organic cotton cover certified. For those who want to keep their babies away from chemicals, this could be one of the best ones. Supportive toddler pillows are preferred because they are thin but at the same time equally supportive. These kinds of pillows make the baby comfortable in every position she likes be it on the tummy, on their back or, any of the sides.

This easy to clean pillow remains fluffy even after several washing sessions and the pillow stays as good as new. The price tag for this kind of pillow would never raise any eyebrow. So you get home a soft yet durable  to tuck under  your baby.

  1. Organic Cover Toddler Pillow

This is another good choice when it comes to select the best baby pillow. This organic toddler pillow though goes a little more expensive than its competitors, it is worth it. This baby pillow is a hand-made product and is highly respected for its quality. The surface of this pillow is made from cotton sateen. That gives the pillow a softer touch and a comfortable feel. But as it is pretty expensive, many buyers can consider it as a disadvantage as the high price that may scare potential buyers.

  1. Hypoallergenic Toddler Pillow

This is a polyester fill pillow that contains a 200 thread count of cotton fabric. This is a toddler pillow which is specifically crafted to support the baby’s neck, supporting every sleeping style the baby prefers. But some parents consider one disadvantage of this pillow saying that the surface of this pillow doesn’t give a cozy touch or feel. Moreover, if the room temperature is higher than average, your baby might sweat a little where it touches the pillow.

If your child has got a sensitive skin then it is advisable to buy a pillow cover along with this pillow to avoid allergic reactions. Another disadvantage of this toddler pillow type is its low thread count that indicates that this cannot be counted among the softest baby pillow around. But the greatness of this product lies in its prevention from any kind of neck kinks and other discomfort.

4.Feather Pillow

In the Best Feather Pillow Reviews, they say that Feather Pillows are Toddler pillows that come with a high percentage of down feathers to make them naturally softer and last much longer. This kind of pillow would have a feature popularly known as the quill. It would have hair-like strands that keep radiating from this spine-like quill like a filament just a sail.

Winding Up:

The necessity of getting a special pillow for your baby is all evident. The skull of babies remains soft till they start walking. So, you cannot even think of giving them an ordinary one.  Asian countries especially in India have a tradition of making baby pillows with mustard seeds. These pillows keep adjusting the head of the baby as the seeds  keep moving with the pressure of the head. It is said that it also in giving a better shape to the  forming skull of the baby.

However, from the above said pillow types you can choose with a basic set of criteria, that it should be soft, the touch and feel needs to be smooth and absorbing. Hope the article could guide you in choosing the type of pillow you need for your baby.