When autumn is approaching, what reminds you most of the fall? Other than the brilliant leaves falling, pumpkins, pumpkin spice and of course, Pumpkins After Dark! Yes, Pumpkins After Dark is the perfect family outing to ring in the beautiful autumn season. From a beautiful night walk to all of the amazing pumpkins and pumpkin sculptures, this event will be a staple for your family fall fun!

What Is Pumpkins After Dark?

This family friendly event is actually a 2.5 kilometer magical pathway of pumpkin displays and sculptures. Your family will be amazed with the wonderful walk through event. From the music to the sculptures itself, you will see some amazing sounds, special effects and of course pumpkins!

This is an evening event that your family will never forget. Each magical pathway was well lit and we were delighted that there were many options for snacks. Remember to dress warmly as it is a cool autumn night. We were most comfortable in our fall jackets, hats and mittens. You may even want to wear your winter jacket as it gets closer to Halloween.

We made sure to get a trusty hot chocolate to keep us warm. It was delicious and the staff is super friendly and helpful. Your children will be excited to get started!

Each well lit path snakes to the first incredible display. The music really sets the mood. It is not too quiet so you cannot hear each exhibits theme and it is not too loud that you feel you cannot talk over the sound. It is set perfectly. Children can run freely on the path but the path is tastefully roped off to guide guests to the next fascinating exhibit. You will not have to worry about people getting lost as it is set up well.


For those who request accessibility, the land is flat with no incline. The exhibits are at level with wheel chairs and are roped off. The paths are meters long, making it easy for people with accessibilities to maneuver around families or those who are stopped to view an exhibit. You can go at your own pace, there is no time limit to stay there. Garbage bins are at level to those who need access. Lastly, there are regular staff every few meters that are there if you need anything, they are there to help.

The Pumpkins

With endless amount of pumpkin displays to look at, you will be brought back by their tribute to past movies and characters and see some amazing sculptures. You can also see live pumpkin carving demonstrations, munch on some fall treats and sweets. Your whole family can go which makes this a fun event for all ages.

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Since last year, there is over 80% brand new displays for you to enjoy! So you can see what is new at the pumpkin walk but still see a few of your timeless favorites.

How Long Does It Take To Walk Pumpkins After Dark?

You can go at the pace you like for Pumpkins After Dark. For a family, it could take approximately 45 minutes if you are walking steadily through each exhibit. Similarly, people want to stay, stare and interact with the characters walking around. They want to listen to the music, see pumpkin carvings and grab a snack or two. This means you can be there for almost two hours if you want to take your time! Pumpkins After Dark is truly fun for the entire family!

Pumpkins After Dark Tickets

You can purchase your Pumpkins After Dark tickets easily online! This link is for the Pumpkins After Dark Milton experience. If you are looking to buy tickets in a different city, just go back to the city selection. Cities are available in different Canadian cities!

Tickets can be scanned from your phone so it makes the whole transaction process so much easier.

Alternatively, you can buy tickets when you get there, but we always recommend buying tickets ahead so you can begin your fun event evening.

Parking at Pumpkins After Dark

Pumpkins After Dark has ample parking available. There are many attendants who direct traffic and keep everything organized. If it gets busy, they will instruct you to the first available parking spot so you don’t have to wait or go from lane to lane looking for that perfect parking spot. The attendants are very friendly, helpful and most importantly, organized.

Is Pumpkins After Dark Still A Drive Thru?

Currently, Pumpkins After Dark is an extremely fun walk thru for families. It is accessible, friendly for families with babies, young children, stroller families, families who use a wheel chair and alternative accessibilities.

Location of Pumpkins After Dark

The location of Pumpkins After Dark is easy to get to, with quick access from the 401. There are many ways to get to the Pumpkins After Dark Event depending on where you are coming from.

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Pumpkins After Dark Faqs

To get ready for Pumpkins After Dark, here are some fun faqs

  • It is a 2.5 kilometer Walk
  • Over 150 Pumpkin Displays
  • Snacks including hot chocolate are available
  • It takes minimum 45 minutes to walk and see all of the displays
  • Bring a jacket, hats and gloves for the event
  • It is accessible and friendly for families of all ages and accessibilities.
  • Live Pumpkin Carving
  • Many Memories to Make

Pumpkins After Dark

Making lifetime memories is important. Similarly, finding something that you can experience with your entire family year after year is priceless. Pumpkins After Dark is inclusive to everyone. It changes every year to make things new and interesting, but still keeps some of your old favorites that you enjoy seeing. This is a night of magic. It is also a great introduction into the autumn season. We are thrilled about Pumpkins After Dark and we can’t wait to go again and again, year after year.

If you are looking for a family friendly event where everyone can get out and have a great time, you don’t want to miss The Pumpkins After Dark! Filled with autumn fun, you and your entire family will make wonderful memories.