My Daughter Cries When I Brush Her Hair – The hair on your head can be a crown. From long locks, to beautiful bald heads, hair or lack there of is a way for people to express themselves. Keeping hair maintained, particularly a child’s hair maintained is a task. To keep the knots out and the child’s hair looking healthy, shiny and clean can be very difficult. Sometimes, a child can cry regularly when you brush their hair. Here are some top tips to help your child cry less when you are brushing their hair.

When Does Your Child Get Hair?

From fine hair, to thick hair, children can start getting hair growing from the their head as early as birth. While some babies are born with a full head of hair, others are bald for up to the first two years of their life! That is a long time! Expect hair to grow slowly or quickly. There is no way to tell when hair is coming in and at what speed.

Why Does My Child Cry When I Brush Their Hair?

There are many reasons your child is crying when you brush their hair. In order to help your child, you need to pinpoint why they are crying from having their hair brushed. Here are some reasons coupled with solutions to help make hair brushing an easier task for both child and parent.


This is a tough one! You can brush your child’s hair daily, but as long as they are sleeping, knots can form as they toss and turn in bed. If left even for a day, knots can turn into mats quite quickly and can become very difficult to fix.

When brushing out knots, it can be incredibly painful and lead your child to cry and scream while having their hair brushed. It can take a long time to get the knots out. It is difficult for a young person to sit still for a long period of time and sometimes it can take an hour (especially with long hair) to get a knot out without cutting or causing breakage in the hair .


Knots are common in all hair types but getting them out does not mean there is one answer that fits all types of knots! Here are just a few of the many ways to get rid of knots in your child’s hair. Firstly, find out what type of hair type you have so you can address knots appropriately.

Brush Hair In The Shower

Some hair should never be brushed dry. We find those with big curls do best when they brush their hair in the shower. That way, the curls can detangle a lot easier. You can add conditioner or oil while in the shower to make the knots loosen. From there, you can brush your hair while in the shower. You will feel you hair detangling. Remember when you have curly hair to work from the tips of your hair slowly up, to make sure you are avoiding potential split ends.

You will be surprised at the difference when you choose to brush your child’s hair in the shower verses brushing it dry!

Coconut or Moroccan Oil

Firstly, check with your stylist if these oils are right for you. Considering there are so many different hair types, some product works better than others. Your stylist will help you identify your hair type and decide if these oils are right for you.

With wet hair, place the coconut or Moroccan oil on your knotted area. Let is set for five minutes. Brush from the bottom up slowly. Once the knot is removed, depending on your hair type, use shampoo to take some of the greasiness out of your hair.

Find the Right Brush

Sometimes, it is about finding the right type of brush! There are different brushes for different hair types. Once you have identified your child’s natural hair type, you must go and seek out brushes that are for that hair type. Using a brush used for people with straight hair can damage a person’s curly hair. Investing in a brush that is for your child’s hair type will save them pain and tears.

Check If Your Child Is Using The Right Shampoo and Conditioner

It is important to match your shampoo, conditioner and hair products with the type of hair you have. For example, if you are straight haired and have a curly haired child, you cannot let your child use your shampoo or conditioner. It is best to speak to a hair professional or read the labels on the shampoo and conditioner.

Having the right shampoo and conditioner can decrease your chances of knots. If you do get knots, they will not be as severe as if you were using the wrong shampoo and conditioner.

Sensory Processing Disorder Hair Brushing

Sometimes the brushing is much more than just pain, it can be a sensory processing disorder while your child’s hair is being brushed.

A sensory processing disorder is when the brain is struggling to receive information from the senses. Your child may feel that the brushing of hair is too hard. If you suspect your child may have a sensory processing disorder, you can make steps to help your child. some symptoms that your child has a sensory processing disorder may be included but not limited to finding some lights too bright, or light touches too hard. Speak to your doctor if you think your child has a sensory processing disorder.

At What Age Should A Girl Brush Her Own Hair ?

Any child will need help brushing their hair until they are about six years old. From there, over the next two years, you can teach your child to get their whole head of hair and watch out for those sneaky knots. At about twelve years old, your child will not only be able to brush their hair on their own but also do neat styles. From pony tails to braids, your child will be able to take care of their hair on their own.

My Daughter Cries When I Brush Her Hair

When your child cries when you brush their hair, they may cry out of the pain they are getting from knots or possible mats in their hair. Do not worry! Follow these tips and reasons why the crying is happening time after time. Your child will get the relief you deserve and you can destress.

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