Recipe for “Moroccan Tagine”
Lentils, Apricots, Swiss chard, spices and extra virgin olive oil

chefs daughter

By David Chrystian
Chef’s Daughter

chefs daughter 2

10 (4) ounce jars

2 cups dry organic red lentils
1 cup dry apricots
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 pce of star anise
6 cloves
1 fresh bay leaf
1 vanilla bean
1 bunch red Swiss chard
1 tsp fresh tumeric
1 tbsp fresh ginger
½ cup extra virgin olive oil

-Begin by separating the stems from leaf for the Swiss chard, wash each separately in clod water, shake dry.
-In a large sauce pot combine lentils, apricots, Swiss chard stems, spices, split vanilla bean, ginger and tumeric
-Cover this mixture with water and bring to a simmer, allow to slowly simmering until the lentils are completely softened.
-In another pot, bring water to a rolling boil, blanch Swiss chard leaves until bright in color and tender, about 45 seconds, strain, transfer to a blender and puree while adding olive oil, reserve this mixture.
-Puree the lentil mixture until very smooth and reserve.
-Line all jars, after being carefully cleaned and sanitized by boiling in a water bath, and spoon lentil mixture and alternatively chard puree, layer these ingredients twice, making four distinct layers.

The lentil mixture can stand alone as a nice baby food, sweet from the apricots and fragrant spices but the addition of both chard stem and leaf provide added fibre and plant-based iron, both essential ingredients for baby growth. By layering these two ingredients we are able to entice baby to eat grassy bitter greens while spooned next to sweet lentil puree. The lentils are a good ingredient for boosting iron and fibre as well. Vitamin C from apricots helps the body absorb iron.
Our choice of spice, ginger and tumeric are nice stomach settling ingredients as well as gum soothing. If teething is happening at this time then not only are we adding flavour but some comfort in each spoonful