Blaze and the Monster Machines have four new exciting episodes coming on DVD.


Your kids will love Blaze and his friends going to a Dragon island Duel or trying to do some dinosaur rescues. The stories are fun and full of action and the characters are colourful/colorful fun and full of energy. Not to mention, each character comes with good morals and values, which are great lessons for your adorable preschooler.

Blaze is a Monster truck with a good heart and is Axle City’s number one racer. This comes in handy for the many adventures you will see on this VD. Blaze and his friends handle every surprise with curiosity and adventure. They also help people on the way, like when they meet Gasquatch and take him to the mud races!

Your children will not only experience an action packed series full of muddy adventures but also have characters with great morals and values that are also shaping your child and how they handle surprises, conflicts and other adventurous situations. We would recommend Blaze and The Monster Machines -Rev Up and Roar for any little preschooler looking for some fun and adventure! Another great show by Nickelodeon!