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mother's paradise

What inspired you to start your blog?

I.  There are several websites and blogs about mom, pregnancy and babies. During my pregnancy things were searchable online but I could not find any one site where I could find a solution either as a home remedy/easy/ less costly after having a baby( budget goes haywire after a baby). My blog was started on the note of easy remedies which one can use for her LO.

What is your blog about?

2. My blog is to guide new moms with daily problems we face while raising the baby and help them to deal with it easily. My blog answers simple questions one needs to know.

What are you passionate about?

3. I am passionate about photography and teaching. I am already taking tuitions of french/ maths for school kids. Photography goes hand in hand with my traveling.

Where do you see your blog in five years?

4. I will make sure that my new found passion(blogging) helps more mothers and I am able to transform my blog to a multi lingual app which can be used by women in different countries and is easily available on everyone’s phone.

My blog :- mothersparadise.blogspot.in