Rosie Quinn is an 8 year old who is wise beyond her years, adorable in spirit and soul and kind to the core! We had the pleasure of interviewing Rosie and her equally awesome mom Paula, founders of Coming Up Rosies, a non-for-profit that teaches children with alopecia and others with hair loss to embrace themselves just as they are.

Rosie Quinn embodies uniqueness and teaches us all a lesson about hair! Rosie we can’t wait to see what the world has in store for you; we know you have big plans and we are rooting for you!

Show Notes:


[06:22] Looking around and realizing she’s different from other kids

  • She didn’t know what was going until kids were starting to stare at her.
  • Mom explained alopecia and how to cope with it in a “fun” way.
  • She’s used to bullying after a few years.
  • Rosie started to own the conversation around her condition.

[09:57] How Paula and her husband noticed Rosie’s alopecia

  • When Rosie was 2 years old, they noticed that her hair was falling out of her head.
  • It felt frightening because before knowing that it’s alopecia, it might have been kidney failure or other disease that shows hair loss as a symptom.
  • Doctors did the tests and confirmed that she has alopecia universalis which is total hair loss all over the body.

[17:15] Rosie’s paintings and head scarf

  • Rosie’s parents took a picture of her paintings and printed it in a head scarf.
  • After wearing it for 5 minutes, she decided that she’ll give it to all bald kids in the world.
  • They started different scarf parties for other countries like Ireland and Australia.

[21:35] How many people are affected by alopecia, side effects, etc

  • 1 % of the population is affected by alopecia.
  • Some people have it during their entire lives and some don’t.
  • In Rosie’s cases, having alopecia universalis at the age of 2 is a very rare condition.

[24:05] Alopecia Conferece and where it’s located

  • Alopecia Conference for this June will be on Washington DC.
  • It’s an opportinuty to meet other people with alopecia.

[27:35] Rosie’s favorite things to do and future dreams

  • She wants to be a Supreme Court Justice when she grows up.


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