Have You Ever Tried To Be The Perfect Mother? Many of us have. With a world of temptations, bullying, particularly cyber bullying can push a parent to try to protect their children at any cost.

Saving Phoebe Murrow is a story of the never ending struggle and dance between Mothers and Daughters. From misunderstandings to missed opportunities, both Phoebe and her loving mother Isabel, get snagged in a world of balancing career family and trying to keep away from temptations.

Cyber bullying gets its clutches on poor Phoebe, who takes it upon herself to go over the edge. The consequences are terrible. Furious and determined to seek the truth, Isabel embarks upon a journey to find the person who did this to her daughter.

Author  Herta Freely writes in a way that you are sure not to put her book down. The cringe worthy misunderstandings and the empathy you have for both Mother and Daughter makes you want to read this in one sitting. Mothers will relate to Isabel’s wonderful love for her daughter and determination but will also find themselves remembering what it is like to be a teenager like Phoebe.

We love that Herta includes discussion questions for her readers. Not only an excellent resource for reading groups, but the author must know that many of her readers will be drawing inspiration, understanding and more from this book. Many parents will be and have been in similar situations and these questions, answers and resources will serve as a great guide to get the answers that some worried parents are looking for. Even with her legal expertise, Isabel goes on a harrowing path into online bullying, online relationships, drugs, malice and revenge. This book may scare a lot of parents, but will be incredibly educational.

We also were thankful that this book really has the voice of many Mothers. At what length should you and would you keep your child from harm? Who is the elusive Shane from Facebook really? How do these online relationships develop? With modern technology, the bullies and trolls of yesteryear are now invited into our home after school has ended and parents have to realize that the bullies are online and everywhere at all times. Unlike the end of school and finding safety in your own home, the bullying today, does not end.

Saving Phoebe Murrow is a great book for a parent who has a daughter in her pre-teens and gives parents an understanding of a more modern take to Mother and Daughter relationships.

Saving Phoebe Murrow will draw insight into the modern dynamic of Mother and Daughter with the heavy influence of a modern, digitally savvy world. Ultimately, A Mother’s love is undying and despite a world of drugs, technology, revenge and lies, it cannot be extinguished.