Selling your baby clothes can be a lucrative choice for you to get some money or to start an interesting side business to make money for your family. Baby clothes are always needed and children grow out of clothes rather quickly. People are looking for great quality clothes for a good price to last their children as long as they are in that size. Let’s dive in on the places you can sell baby clothes to make a quick buck but also talk about how you can make this into a possible side business.

Why Do People Need So Many Baby Clothes?

Baby clothes are in a league all in their own. They are needed by parents. Even if parents save their old baby clothes for their next child, there is no telling that they will be the same sizing as their sibling, born in the same season or if the clothes will fit the same way.

Parents need clothes for different seasons. As the seasons change, a baby may need a more warmer clothing line. Snow pants, warm coats and sweaters will help baby stay comfortable through out the season. Secondly, babies grow fast. A growth spurt may even have baby skipping sizes all together, while other babies stay in their smaller sizes for an extra season. We have seen tall babies be a size 6 months in pants but 3 months in shirts. Every baby is different.

Parents need baby clothes quickly and they need them constantly as your baby does the majority of their life’s growing in the first two years of life. There is no greater change than from conception to year two. Therefore, parents need different types of clothes quickly and will change constantly. Lastly, parents want something that is cute, comfortable and in style. Selling baby clothes can be a lucrative business and selling your baby clothes can put some extra money in your pocket!

Why Do People Want To Buy Used Baby Clothes?

Many parents buy used baby clothes for their children but what is the reason? There are many reasons why parents choose to buy baby clothes from second hand stores and other parents before they buy from a store. Firstly, all parents have children in their first two years who are growing and changing constantly. Even if you know a parent who saves their baby clothes for their next baby, they may not have a baby the same size or during the same season as their saved bay clothes provides.

Parents will be wanting to save money on baby clothes. They can be expensive and you have to buy multiple baby clothes for the entire year, depending on season and how quickly your little one is growing. Parents have had a lot of expenses. From insurance to buying baby furniture, it is costly, so saving on baby clothes is a great way to invest in buying in baby clothes rather than paying full price.

Secondly, parents are always looking for unique items. Main stream fashion outlets follow the latest trends but parents want a unique look for their children. When you are buying used clothes, you can find the colors, styles and fashion you want, without always adhering to what the stores think you want. As a potential seller, you can really find the perfect pieces for your potential clients.

What Do Parents Look For In Used Clothes

When you are thinking of getting rid of your old baby clothes or thinking of selling baby clothes as a lucrative side business, your clients are going to be looking for the same things. Here are the things that parents are looking for in used baby clothes

No Stains

When buying used, your parent customers don’t want any spit up stains or food stains on the babies clothes. This sounds like an easy one, but turn on the light and look carefully at each article of clothing. Depending on the light, it can highlight some pretty nasty stains that may have been missed.

No Holes, Missing Buttons

Parents want clothes that are going to last and used baby clothes have to present well! That means you have to look for little holes, even the tiny ones and missing or broken buttons. Babies can choke on buttons or get their tiny fingers stuck in small holes so you have to be vigilant.

A Zipper That Works

Parents are looking for zippers on babies coats and snow pants that are going to do up and stay up. Many zippers can go off of their track and not zip up properly, get too tough to zip up or only go half way. Be sure to check all of your zippers before selling them to parents.

Stylish Clothes

Parents want something that is stylish. See if your clothes that you want to sell appeal to different parents and their styles or that they are unique enough they will appeal to a niche market.


Comfort is everything. You have to avoid clothes that have sewn on items that can be taken off and a child can choke on. An adorable little ribbon on a shirt can be dangerous for a little baby! Babies can pick off items from clothes a lot easier than you can think.

Not Worn Out

Clothes cannot look tired. What we mean by that is they cannot look worn out. Check for wear. This can include but is not limited to the fading of colors, the wear of an emblem or a graphic or the fray of the cuffs of shirts, pants, elbow areas and knee areas.

Gently Used Not Really Used

Everyone understands that when they are buying used clothing they have, in fact, been used before. However, people do not want to buy used clothing that “looks” used. They do not want holes, rips, tears or wear. On the contrary, they want something that can last their child a few seasons.

No one should expect to pay a low price for new looking clothes, but they should definitely expect to get a good quality product for their money.

Pet Free/Smoke Free Home

People do not want cat hair or a smokey smelling baby onesie from a buyer. You have to ensure that your clothes come from a smoke free home. A lot of the time, what a smoker can’t smell, a non smoker can. It is also important to state whether your clothes are from a pet friendly or a pet free home. This has a lot to do with allergies and animal hair that may or may not be on the baby clothes.


Giving ten percent off of a used item is not going to attract parents to buy from you instead of a store. Giving good discounts, minimally thirty percent, is going to entice people to buy used from you instead of new from a store. Families are looking to save, so when you are offering a used item at 70% off of its regular price, it will be enticing to buy from you. Coupled with it being in good condition, this will be a great deal for parents and they will come back to you again and again.

Sell Your Used Clothes Checklist

Whether you are trying to get rid of some old baby clothes and make a little cash or start a side business selling baby clothes, this can be your selling clothes checklist that will help you sell these clothes easily with other families.

What Parents Look For In Used Clothes Checklist

Check above for our parents look for in used clothes checklist. This is going to help you get organized and get ready to start selling your baby clothes

Prices Over 30% off

Decide to give a discount on your clothes at a minimum of 30$ off. People want to make as much money as possible. However, we have to convince people to buy used from you instead of buying new at the store. If you are selling the same or similar items that are in a store, but without a good discount because it is used, people will look to a store for the opportunity to get a refund if needed. They get more assurances with a store rather than selling used with you.

A discounted price will entice people to take the risk associated with used clothing. It is easier for a person to get a refund from a store than another person. A huge discount accounts for the associated risk of losing your money if the product does not fit your baby. People will be enticed to save money and you will be able to unload your used baby clothes.

Quick Sales

Make yourself available for a quick sale. If you are trying to start your own used baby clothes selling side business, you are going to want to be available for same day pick ups. Parents need these clothes fast, their children are growing by the minute! Jokes aside, whomever can get there the fastest is going to be the fastest sale for you.

Easy Pick Up

Your buyers want an easy pick up. This means staying local so you are not spending too much time and money meeting your buyer. An easy pick up is to either do a porch pick up from your end or to meet in a public, well known space so no one gets lots and everyone stays safe. Many police stations offer a meet up spot for easy, safe pick ups.

If you are looking to ship baby clothes, be sure to know the shipping cost before you promise on a price. Depending on where you live and where you are shipping to, there can be some major shipping costs associated with mailing your product. Make sure you do not make a promise that ends up costing you in the end.

Can It Fill A Niche

If you are selling used clothes that are not in fashion or not on trend, can this fill a niche market? Some people prefer older clothes to set a fashion statement. There is a good market for that. Alternatively, the ribbon bows that were attached to baby clothes twenty years ago are not longer put on baby clothes today, for safety reasons. Can you sell unique, older or neat looking clothes to a niche market?

Will You Turn A Profit If You Are Shipping

As we stated above, shipping can get pretty expensive depending on where you and your buyer live. Be careful before you commit to a sale privately. If you sell from a website or an app, they will usually incorporate shipping costs. Be sure to confirm this before putting your stuff on sale online.

Wash Before You Sell

Everyone wants a good clean product before the receive it. We do not recommend washing the clothes before you sell them because they can shrink in the wash and you don’t want to be responsible for a size change. Alternatively, parents want a product that is going to be clean and have no odor or smell that could possible irritate their babies skin.

With this checklist, you will be able to find the perfect clothes that will sell quickly and bring you in some extra cash.

Selling baby clothes near me

There are many ways you can sell your baby clothes near where you live. Here are some ways to sell clothes that do not involve you going too far.

Second Hand Stores That Buy Back Clothes

Firstly, look for a baby clothes store like a Once Upon A Child that may buy back your clothes. Be sure to clarify that they give cash for your clothes and not store credit. This is a quick way to make some extra cash. Call ahead to see what they are looking for or check out a stores website. Usually, stores do not buy clothes that are completely out of season. They may also have too many of one article of clothing and not be open to buying it. It takes about a half an hour to an hour to price out all of your clothes. This all depends on how many articles of clothing that you bring in.

You can receive as little as a quarter per item of clothing. This is because in order to sell clothes, these clothing companies need to keep prices low. Secondly, they will not take all of your clothes. Your clothes are beautiful but they may have something that is too much in stock or they may know that a certain type of clothing will not sell well with their customers in their store.

Try local shops that do cash back for clothes.

Used Baby Clothing Apps

Some apps allow you to sell your clothing right from your own home. Take a good and clear picture and upload it to the app. Make sure that the app has incorporated the cost of shipping. As mentioned above, that can be extremely expensive.

Sell Clothes Yourself

From Facebook Mom groups to buy and sell pages, you may be able to sell your clothes to other local families. If you are a parent looking to make some extra cash from old clothing, this can be a quick transaction and a great way to make some extra cash. For those who are starting their own business, running it from your home has never been easier.

A great way to gain insight on pricing is read a few forums on Facebook of people who have sold items. Check out the pricing and what is being offered and make a competitive post. You will easily see what sells and what does not pretty quickly.

These are the different ways that you can get rid of your old baby clothes or start selling baby clothes. Keeping it local keeps your costs down and helps you retain a regular, eager cliental.


Is Selling Baby Clothes Profitable

If you are selling your babies old clothes, you will not make a profit but you will get some cash back to offset the original price you paid new for those clothes. Alternatively, this can be a profitable side business .

If you are getting the baby clothes and have a regular supply and are selling at a good price to your buyers with a good quality product, this can be either a great side business or become a big full time business with the right business mindset.

You can sell them right from your own home on apps, in parenting groups online that are local or through your own online business. This helps keep your costs down. Facebook Marketplace is a great place to do research on what parents in your area need and are looking for.

Best app to sell baby clothes 

There are many apps out there to help you sell but we want ones that are actually going to bring people to your products and help make that sell. The best app to sell baby clothes depends on what you are looking to sell. IF you are selling in bulk (a lot of items in one sale), it is best to try Poshmark.

Other people have great success selling at Kidizen. We will continue to update this post to make sure you are getting the latest apps that are selling clothes regularly.

Selling Baby Clothes on Facebook Marketplace

As of the date of this publishing, we find the most effective way to sell baby clothes is on Facebook Marketplace. It does not cost anything to put out an ad, it brings out local people who are looking for this product and often times you can sell something in a few hours to a few days.

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