Shoshana Chaim is a visionary. She is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, podcaster and a part of a movement worth speaking of. As parents, we can feel overwhelmed to “be the change we want to see.” For Shoshana, she has always persevered, gone into new waters and found her way to help others in her process. We spoke to Shoshana about health, motherhood and pivoting in change.

Shoshana’s message is simple, “give your children tools and trust open line of communication. Be sure to allow children to get messy and make mistakes and show them that your love in unconditional, always.” This is a great mantra to set up for motherhood. Shoshana acknowledges that there is not one magical formula that makes you the perfect parent. We should just be united into achieving an overall goal to create responsibly, independent human beings that are going to make a difference in their own positive way!

Shoshana knows a lot about children. She is a retired teacher, parent and expert in the health and wellness field. All of these wonderful attributes led her on a journey we would never expect.

Born from a clairvoyant shaman father and a suburban mother, Shoshana was used to different opinions. Her parents both brought unique and contrasting opinions on health. Shoshana learned kindness and how to understand all sides of a situation. There is never one mainstream answer to solve a problem.

Shoshana went and got her teaching degree, was married and began to have children. Both her and her husband Adam were athletes, personal trainers and committed to healthy living. When pregnant with her second child, her husband unfortunately was diagnosed with heart disease and a tumor was found. However, Shoshana and her husband were not going to give up.

They dove into reading and found out that nutrition has a bigger impact on our overall health than we were ever taught to believe. Shoshana’s husband went plant based with her following just a few months later. He began to feel better. Inflammation was down. In a few months, it was apparent, his health was getting better.

This was the end of a sad story, but the beginning of a new journey and movement. Shoshana and her husband started a podcast, The Plant Trainers to educated people and young families about the power of nutrition and lifestyle. They did not want young families to be in the same situation that they were in. They wanted to give people support and tools to take their health into their own hands. Secondly, they wanted to combine these tools to create a community.

Let’s face it, food brings people together. It bonds people and it plays a pivotal role in creating communities. Shoshana and her husband began to speak at health conferences and they began to get nutrition health style certifications.

This business of podcasting and speaking was becoming a movement. The community was strong and interested. This loving base began to open a door to an even deeper journey.

Shoshana began to reflect on what had happened in these few short years. One day, her son was having a tantrum and Shoshana guided him to take deep breaths, to help him calm down. She made a point that she should teach him how to take deep breaths when he was feeling calm! That way, he would have the tools when he is feeling sad, angry or scared to calm down. After investigating, there were not books about taking deep breaths for children! She began to write and her book, I Am A Peaceful Goldfish is currently available with Graystone Kids! To top it off, the feedback was wonderful but with a catch: parents were loving this book gentle reminder to take deep breaths as well! The movement of community continues.

However, as years went by, Shoshana reflected on the obstacles they had overcome as a family. Everything was hard work and time but upon reflection, Shoshana found herself to be experiencing brain fog and even physical pain. She was sleeping a lot and could not “bounce back.”

She was a leader in her community for health and wellness. Shoshana led a healthy lifestyle, a great family and her podcasting and speaking events were going great! She had successful businesses, a published book but something was off.

She began searching for answers.

When her husband’s colleague who was an MD was visiting from Europe, Shoshana had no idea that this meeting would change her life. She was introduced by these MDS turned naturopathic doctors. These people introduced her family to a tool for health. Could this tool help her?

She learned how our bodies make molecules that are responsible for our cells vibration and communication that creates healing within the body. As we age, we can become depleted in our mitochondrial function. We have less energy. We can experience mental stress, environmental stresses and other toxicities. Our bodies do not have enough power to get to the root causes of all of these immune issues we may be experiencing.

One company has been able to stabilize these molecules that are identical to what is actually inside of your body. This can be delivered to your home and refill your body with these molecules that increase mitochondrial function. It can also create an opportunity for the possibility of the body to heal itself.

When Shoshana tried this, her body began to heal. She then began a journey of cellular rejuvenation. Clients came to HER as they saw the results. This gift she was able to share with others. Minds and bodies were changed.

I said to myself this was something that universities are so much testing but this one company that was able to stabilize these molecules that re identical to what is inside of your body. They can be delivered to your home and you can refill your body with these molecules and increase mitochondrial function and create an opportunity for the body to heal themselves.

As entrepreneurs and parents living in the 2020s, we have been through challenges that have affected us globally, nationally, regionally and even within our own families. Shoshana encourages people, including parents to start saying that they love themselves. Be patient in your processes, whether you are on a health journey, mental health journey or a time of big change. Meet similar minds. Shoshana laments you don’t need to go to trouble to re-invent the wheel, you just need to know where to find one.

Shoshana is grace,confidence and opens her heart and mind to a beautiful circular process of learning, discovery, innovation and giving back. She believes in balance, empowerment, love and giving our bodies and minds the gift of health.

She has graciously offered our readers a 15-minute conversation for those who are searching for their community. Let’s make dreams possible!

Some Milestones You Want To Know

  • Founder of Plant Trainers (2015)
  • Cohost of The Plant Trainers Podcast (2015) 400+ podcast episodes
  • #1 International Best Seller, I Am A Peaceful Goldfish
  • 20K+ Instagram @planttrainers
  • 100% Plant-Based (2011)
  • International Speaker (NYC, L.A, Marshal TX, Toronto Canada)
  • 2 books (one self and one traditionally published)
  • TV, Magazine, live radio and podcast appearances Retired Teacher (2015)
  • Business owner since 2002.

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