Something, Someday- When you are little, you hear a lot what you cannot do. Many children hear about the problems that are just too big but cannot be fixed. However, one little small boy knows how to tackle big problems, one step at a time. Discover Something, Someday that will inspire your children that even the smallest people can have the biggest impact.

What It’s About

After a little boy notices the amount of garbage in his area, he starts questioning why aren’t people taking better care of their community. Adults have the answers, that there is nothing anyone can do! However, this little boy has the answer. If you want something done, you have to do it yourself.

Author Amanda Gorman gives the tools through her genius story telling to children that they can be the change that they want to see. This little boy begins to clear the garbage in his area and create a community guardian in a small space. Another child joins and others become curious and interested in their project. Amanda Gorman shows the children trying and sometimes failing to get their garden working. However, failing is a big part of overall success.

Illustrator Christian Robinson ties the book together beautifully with each captivating picture. Something, Someday is a powerful book for families.

What We Love

We adore the lessons that come in this book. It teaches your children that no matter how small, you can make a positive impact. Secondly, it shows that small changes can reap big results. Lastly and most importantly, when you start something, others will follow to help you in your good deeds.

We love that the book teaches children to keep trying even if things do not work out the first time. It also engages children to break their problem down into small and digestable parts to make big change.

Extra Credit

Find out what your children’s passions are to make change. Is it to make a community garden or to clean up garbage at a local park? Discuss how to make small but impactful changes and make it happen.