Italian Girl Names that Start with M

Italian girl names are some of the most beautiful names in the world! Whether you are honoring your Italian heritage or you just love the sound of an Italian girl name, we have the top Italian girl names that start with M that you are guaranteed to love.

Italian girl names that start with M


Nickname: Maybe

Origin: Italian

This unique Italian girl name has not made its way to becoming a popular name in North America but has a beautiful meaning. Mabilia means loveable and this is exactly what your little girl is! Choose Mabilia for your little girl name.


Nickname: Maddie, Maddy, Lena

Origin: Italian

Shower your future daughter with compliments by naming her Maddelena! This Italian girls name means magnificent. This beautiful Italian girls name is perfect for any baby. The English version of this name is Madeline.  Choose Maddelena for your little girl.


Nickname: Maddie

Origin: Italian

Though a well liked Italian name, Maddalyn is actually of Hebrew origin. The name means “from Magdala”. Many names have origins of their roots of a city or region a person is from. Over the years, the origin has lost its significance, but the name is still as loved as it once was. We see traces of this name since the 1400s! It’s no secret why it is loved for so many centuries.



Nickname: Caria

Origin: Italian, Greek

Meaning blessed, this name would be a blessing for your little baby! This name is popular not only in Italy, but throughout Europe. Marcaria originates from a Greek Goddess name! Honor your culture or choose the name because of the beautiful meaning. Consider Macaria for your baby.


Nickname: Falda

Origin: Italian

This strong girls name is the perfect find for any family. Meaning “strong during battle”, Mafalda brings strength and leadership to the name. Consider Malfada for your little girl!



Nickname: Maggie

Origin: Italian, German

Meaning “maiden” and originating from Germany, Magda is a notable name across Europe, including Italy. Consider Magda for your little girl!



Nickname: Mai

Origin: Italian, Old English

This name is full of a youthful glow! Meaning “young”, Maida is a name that is known across Europe. This name brings youthfulness, purity and more to the person who hold it. Consider Maida when you are naming your little girl.



Nickname: Mannie

Origin: Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian

Manuela means “God is with us” and is popular in Spain and Portugal but is also found in Italy. Often times, many European countries “share names”. This Italian biblical name is perfect for your little girl.



Nickname: Marrie

Origin: Italian

His biblical name means “strength”. If you are looking for a religious Italian name, this one has an interesting story. When Naomi lost both her husband and sons she expresses her grief as “mara” showing strength through adversity. Sometimes, beauty comes out of the challenging times in life. A baby’s birth is a new beginning and to name your child after “strength”, is such a gift. Consider Mara for your little girl.



Nickname: Cella

Origin: Italian

This is the female version of Mark. Marcella means “young warrior”. This strong girls name is perfect for any baby coming into a family!



Nickname: Mare, Mar

Origin: Italian

This Italian name has quite the story! Like many baby names, they have stories that span over multiple countries. Mareta means “Descendant from Egypt”. If you and your partner come from either of these countries or you are just a fan of the name, consider Mareta for your little girl.



Nickname: Mare, Rita

Origin: Italian

This beautiful Italian girl name is a popular one across Italy. Meaning “daisy” this flower girls name has a regal tone. Duchess Margherita Aldobrandini brought this name to aristocracy in the 1500s. Consider Margherita for your little girl!



Nickname: Mare

Origin: Italian

This popular Italian girls name is a favorite amongst families. Maria means “of the sea” and is also the name of Jesus’ mother. The English version is Mary. This popular name spans across Europe and is one of the most popular names for females. Consider Maria for your little girl.



Nickname: Mari, Mare

Origin: Italian, Spanish

Meaning “beloved and graceful”, Marianna is a beautiful name for a little girl. It is popular in both Spain and Italy. This name derives from the biblical Hebrew name Miryiam, who was found in the New Testament of the Bible. Consider Marianna for your little girl!



Nickname: Marcie

Origin: Italian

This name is actually a dedication to the Italian God Mars. Meaning “proud”, this strong girls name is perfect for your little girl! The English version of this name is March.



Nickname: Nettie, Mari, Mare

Origin: Italian, French

This nautical name is perfect for anyone who loves the water. Meaning “of the sea”, Marinette is actually a French form of the name Marine. For anyone who loves the water or is looking for an aquatic name, Marinetta is a perfect name for your little girl.



Nickname: Mari

Origin: Italian, French, Spanish

Like Marinetta, this name means “of the sea.” This name transitions throughout Italy, France and Spain. For anyone who is looking for a water name for their baby, Consider Marisa for your little girl!



Nickname: Mari, Rita

Origin: Italian, Spanish

Meaning “beloved”, this beautiful name is a compliment for any little girl! It originates from Spain, but it is also found in Italian culture. The Latin masculine version is Maritus. Consider Marita for your little girl.


Nickname: Martie

Origin: Italian, Hebrew

Meaning “the lady”, Marta also is a name derived from the God Mars. This strong girls name is perfect for any little girl!



Nickname: Mari, Ella

Origin: Italian, Dutch

This is another beautiful water name for girls. Meaning “of the sea” Mariella is a beautiful name that would be perfect for any girl!


Nickname: Mattie

Origin: Italian

This religious name means “gift from God.” This is actually a unisex name and makes a great name for any little girl!


Nickname: Mishy, Lina

Origin: Italian, French

This religious name means “who is like God.” Michelina is the feminine version of Michael. Consider this beautiful name for your little girl!



Nickname: Mari, Etta

Origin: Italian, French

This beautiful name is a version of the name Mary. This name is French and Italian and has a beautiful meaning, “star of the sea.” If you are looking for a water name or a name that has a beautiful meaning, choose Marietta.


Nickname: Mickie

Origin: Italian

Meaning “who is like God”, this religious name is beautiful. Though it is an Italian girl’s name, it originates in Hebrew. Similarly, this name is quite popular in the United States, being in the top 400 popular girls names. This feminine version of Michael is still growing strong. If you are looking for a strong girl’s name, consider Micaela for your little girl.


Nickname: Mea

Origin: Italian

This beautiful name is a popular one among families. Meaning “mine”, this Italian name has an adorable meaning and would make a great name for any little girl.


Nickname: Max

Origin: Italian

Firstly, naming a baby Maxie is such a great idea! Meaning “the greatest,” this name is gaining popularity in the United States. Lastly, consider this Italian girls name for your little baby.


Nickname: May

Origin: Italian, Greek

We see this name across the world and it is incredibly popular. It has multiple meanings in different languages and has an alternate spelling, Maia. This name derives from Greece and means nurse. If you want to honor your child with this name, choose Maya of either spelling.


Nickname: Martie, Tina

Origin: Italian

Like many of these names, Martina derives from the god of war, Mars. Meaning “dedicated to Mars”, this girls name is a popular one. Consider Martina for your little girl.


Nickname: Mare

Origin: Italian

This beautiful name is full of light! Meaning “flashing”, this name is popular throughout Europe, including Italy! Consider Maruta for your little girl.


Nickname: Lania

Origin: Italian, Greek


Firstly, Melania means “dark”. Secondly, this beautiful name derives from Melanie which is very popular across the world. Melania is popular name in Italy and around the world. If you are considering a beautiful name, choose Melania for your little girl.



Nickname: Lissa, Mel

Origin: Italian

This name means “bee”. Secondly, this was the name of a little nymph who helped and cared for the Greek God Zeus. Melissa is not a popular name in Italy. Consider this unique Italian girls name for your little girl!



Nickname: Dora, Mennie

Origin: Italian

This unique girls name is a perfect one for a family! Meaning “a gift of the moon”, Menodora is a perfect gift of a name for any little girl.


Nickname: Merce

Origin: Italian

This name has a beautiful meaning. “mercies or favor” is the meaning of Mercedes. This name is at the heightened of popularity in English speaking countries, but finds love a popularity with families from all over the world. Consider Mercedes for your little girl.



Nickname: Lina, Messa

Origin: Italian

This old Italian girl name has a lot of history! This was the name of the third wife of the Roman Emperor Claudius. Messalina is a beautiful and small tree that belongs to the rose family. This flower name is perfect for your little girl! Choose Messalina as a great Italian flower girl name.


Nickname: Mi

Origin: Italian

Like Maya, Mia similarly is a great name for a little girl. It also means “mine” and would make a beautiful name for anyone who chooses it for their baby.



Nickname: Mattie

Origin: Italian

If you are looking for a strong girl’s name, look no further than Matilde! This name means “battle” and “strength”. This would be a perfect name for any little girl.


Nickname: Massie

Origin: Italian

Choose this name for the best thing in your life, your baby to be. Massima means “the greatest” and this is a perfect name for a family who wants to honor their little girl with this strong girl’s name.



Nickname: Mars

Origin: Italian

This is an Italian girl’s name that comes from Mars the God of War. Marzia means “of Mars.” Consider this name for your little one!



Nickname: Ini, Ina

Origin: Italian

This is a lovely name for any little girl. Mina means “love” and you are going to be completely in love with your little girl.



Nickname: Minnie

Origin: Italian

This thoughtful name is perfect for any little girl. It originally derives from Latin which means “in the mind”. This beautiful Italian girl name is a wonderful choice for your little baby.


Nickname: Minnie, Vina

Origin: Italian

This name is a unique Italian girl name. It means “wise”. If you are looking for a name that reflects your old soul child, this is the perfect name for any little girl!

Beautiful Italian Girl Names That Start With M

Whether you are choosing between popular Italian girl names that start with M and unique Italian girl names that start with M, we have you covered! There are so many strong names for girls in this post! Many girls names we find are dedicated to Mars, the God of War. You will not find a shortage of strong names that you will love. Therefore, whatever you choose, you will be honoring your daughter with a beautiful Italian name.

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