Just jump, launch and race! Stomp Racers has the coolest air powered race cars for kids. Complete with launch ramp, you will have hours of fun launching and racing your car!

This toy car launcher is powered by air which means no searching for batteries or having another energy charged toy. You simply use your foot to stomp, which releases the car and sends it flying on its next adventure.

Stomp Racers

Stomp Racers is the perfect gift for your kids. Firstly, the company, Stomp Rocket, is celebrating their 30th Anniversary! They have been propelling kids to learn through play for decades. With over 20 million toys sold, this is a brand that is timeless. Two generations of children have been able to enjoy these STEM based products, learn and create wonderful memories with their family.

There is also a major learning component to stomp racers. This is a STEM product. That means your children are learning about science, technology, engineering and math when they put together and play with Stomp Rocket! The endless fun, their imaginations can go wild! They can build a track to launch their racer into, use a little hill to get some lift or just launch it safely in the backyard. You can play with this all year round!

Bonus idea- Have one of your children take videos or pictures and see what epic shots they can get of their stomp rocket launching through the air!

One of our favorite things is the coolest toys do not have to be expensive. Each Stomp Rocket’s toys are under $30 Canadian at Toys R Us and Amazon.

The Set Up

Sometimes toys take a lot of time to set up your child’s favorite toy, especially if it is a racer. However, not with Stomp racers. The set up takes a minute to do and it is so simple and safe, your child can do it! That is yet another reason why your child feels so empowered. They learn to build the stomp rocket. When children are active, they begin to learn from building. This skill is something that can last a lifetime, learning as you build, reading instructions and seeing something being put into action.

We Love Stomp Rocket

We love the Stomp Rocket air powered race cars. It is no secret why this company has been around for decades. They create great products like Stomp Rocket which do not require batteries, has an easy set up, is STEM friendly and will bring hours of fun and endless memories for your children.

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