Momma’s Confessions and Advice 🙂
By:Karen Yarborough


I am a mother to an 8 month old baby boy who currently is still in the teething stages. Right now he has 4 teeth and I’ve got to say, I use my mind on regular basis and at times wonder if I would lose my mind and go crazy. LOL! The advice I would have for Moms is to first to stay calm and ttry to not get to frustrated.

Let’s just say you are just at end of the tunnel where the evil monster decides to invade your body, well you’re not alone! Remember that we all Moms eventually have our days were we just want to scream and shout “AHHHH!” What I do to help me get away for about like 2 to 5 minutes (just to get a break so you don’t end up so frustrated) is to put the baby down in crib walk away and go outside sit out there for a few to clear your mind. If you’re out in the middle of nowhere then shout out your frustrations where no one can here you for miles! I sometimes wish I lived in the middle of nowhere so I could do that; he he 🙂


Another thing that I have been through in the last few days is my little one’s sickness that makes him so fussy along with teething and being tired. On top of everything else, we also battle him not wanting to sleep in his own room in his crib. When he was a newborn he had colic so he was used to being with us. You know what I mean when I say we all need our own space with our spouses for a little while without kiddos in there. Right now, we are trying to give him time in his room alone in his crib. It hasn’t really helped, he just cries and cries and he doesn’t fall asleep. One step at a time, we are trying to get him back in there but my tip and advice would be to be patient and work with it as you can so you can also get sleep when you know you need it.

I have to say along with everything the hardest is trying to get him to sleep. He fights sometimes and during the week. I am home alone with him, my husband works from 3pm to 12 am (sometimes longer), so that could mean a tired, frustrated Mommy and also hungry because you focus 100% on your baby that you forget to feed yourself.

My advice has to be just hang in there and feed them or play this sometimes helps clam him down to go to sleep at night on rough nights that usually happen.
Now I know I haven’t been a mother for long but maybe my tips and advice or stories can help you out of your daily craziness.