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Mothers all over the world want what is best for their new babies. Many commit to breastfeeding with the hopes to nurse their child for at least six months. Until, they actually start breastfeeding. Let’s face it, being a new Mom is tough. The sleepless nights, the cries, learning how to function as a new family can all be overwhelming. Other worries burden a new Mother, is my child getting enough milk? What if my child is underweight? Plans to breastfeed sometimes evaporate as a Mother worried about the well being of her child.

Enter Momsense, a Smart Breastfeeding Meter that is revolutionizing the way we see breastfeeding. The Momsense Smart Breastfeeding Meter informs moms how much breast milk their baby nursed by providing real-time data and reports.  After each feeding you receive a detailed report. This gives parents to experience peace of mind, anywhere and anytime.

How It Works


Momsense does so much for baby and relaxes parents with its innovative breastfeeding meter. What is great, is it is easy to work! Parents lose the uncertainty of breastfeeding.

All you need to get started is Momsense earphones set and your own smartphone. Simply, plug the earphones, scan the product code from the package to our App, and start breastfeeding as usual. You can create an up to date profile of your baby. Include weight and a photo album if you desire. You can also listen to voice clips of your baby of your babies feeding  in a vocal album.

After each feeding, you receive a detailed report sent directly to your phone. The report includes the duration of each feeding session and the quantities consumed from each breast. This will help Moms communicate better with lactation consultants and lactation experts! You can also read tips from lactation consultants!

Want to keep your family involved? Feel free to share your information with family and loved ones. They too can listen to your babies feedings from a vocal album.



Momsense Creates Bonds


Now that Mom does not have to worry about how much milk her baby is getting, she can focus on the bond with her baby. Baby and Mom get to relax and baby gets to enjoy the precious sound of Mom’s calm heart beat as he or she drinks and gets the nourishment they deserve. Mom does not have to worry if she is producing enough milk as she is being constantly updated with information. Most of all, she gets to listen to the sound of her baby drinking, putting her mind at ease. She can now relax her body and enjoy the bonding of breastfeeding, worry free.


Dad and Other Family Members Can Get Involved!


Now, Fathers and other family members can listen to the baby drink! Dad and other family members can bond with baby and also get that coveted information about babies progress. Momsense becomes a helpful guide for families to get a detailed report after every feeding session. Let Dad, a spouse, grandparents or your children listen to the breast feeding vocal sounds of your baby!


Up To Date Information



All of your updated information goes right to your phone after each feeding! Have instant information about your feeding so you get a peace of mind!




Keep your data, vocal feeding recordings and more as a keepsake! Share with your friends, family and keep this information for your child when he or she is grown up!


Do not worry about breastfeeding anymore! Let Momsense put you at ease with up to date data and information so you and your baby can bond and enjoy each other. Breastfeed as long as you like with the help of Momsense!


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