Are you a parent who feels stressed to your maximum capacity? Do you feel stretched to your limit with stress in your marriage, with your children or at work? Crafting Calm may be your answer.


This book allows you to have projects and practices for creativity and contemplation.When we feel overwhelmed, its good to sit back and have a task that only benefits you. Crafting Calm is intended for those who need to sit back and comtemplate and have some creativity. It is not a step by step guide to certain crafts, which allows you to harness your own creativity and not to be guided through each step.


Our favorite craft was the Tray Sand Gardens which are not only a great way to “craft calm” but make excellent pieces in an office, by a bedside or in your living room. You can tell that author Maggie Oman Shannon took great care in selecting crafts that calm the mind and open channels for creativity. Do the crafts yourself or do these crafts with older children who may too be experiencing stresses from school and peers.


If you are spiritual, seeking calm and looking for avenues to express your creativity, you should get Crafting Calm. It may be an excellent gift for an older child to adult children you may have!