We sat down with designer and mother of three Zankhna Parekh, to find out how she made the transition into designing, how she juggles life as a Mom and as a successful designer and what we can see in the future for the Zankhna Parekh line.

Zankhna, you have your Master’s degree in Physical Therapy and had a successful health care career. How did you make the switch to fashion design?

I have always had a passion for designing, ever since I was 14 years old. Back then I used to design and get my own outfits made for special occasions. The desire and passion to design as always been in me but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue the dream.

You have such a successful line for both men and women! How do you manage it all as a mother of three?

It almost sounds like a cliché but it’s definitely a hard juggling act. I try to work the hours the kids are in school. But I have to make up for it by working very late hours after they go to sleep and early hours before they wake up. I think that because it’s something I love doing, it helps to keep me motivated and excited despite all the chaos going on around me.

How important is it for a busy Mom to keep her sense of style?

It is very important. It is the mark of a woman and she should not lose it just because she had kids. Whenever a woman dresses up she feels beautiful, taller, leaner and stronger. You just feel a sense of good about yourself.  Why should that stop when you have kids? The woman in you does not disappear when you have kids. In fact it is embodied more by showing your strength and perseverance as well as sacrifice for another being.

What are some of the popular colors and prints for Summer of 2014? Any trends we should be watching out for?

  I have been saying this for two seasons now but the black white trend is here to stay. That includes geometric white black prints, or even floral prints. The coral color from last summer is also very prominent in today’s fashion. Also look for hints of pastel greens to be making a big statement this summer.

For a Mom on a date night, how important is it to accessorize?

It’s very important accessorize. Especially if you’re not allowed a ton of time to get dressed in the mornings. Accessories are the wow factor and the statement pieces that will grab the attention. You could wear a very simple outfit and have big bold accessories that would dramatically change the look of your outfit making it even more grand.

We love your vibrant colors and elegant patterns. Should women continue to shy away from patterns and bold colors or is it time for more women to embrace it?

I was exactly one of those women that shied away from bold colors and bright prints until I launched my own fashion line. I think Every woman should wear bright colors and bold prints. Not only does it help brighten our face and skin, it gives us a more fresher and younger look.

Where do you see Zankhna Parekh in the next five years?

I see my label as a well known brand especially among mothers. Because I design for on the go moms who want to be effortlessly stylish, I think my designs will find the audience they’re tailor-made for very quickly. The fact that I make custom sizes for each outfit as well as unique pieces for special occasions is a special niche for me.