I love going out for adventures with my son. After a long hard week at work, it’s that real quality time for us to explore the world and get firmly into my favorite part of #dadlife. As we’ve spent more and more time out doing different activities as he’s hit the core toddler years, I’ve learnt a lot about the things that we really need in the toddler bag. When I thought about all the things I thought we would need versus what we actually use I thought it would make a useful list to share. Here’s our essentials we take out with us. Some you may already know, some may just surprise you…

(1) Plenty of water:

It always amazes me quite how much energy the kids have, and at the weekend it’s like they’re just naturally tuned to being in 5th gear, constantly! Therefore ensuring you’ve taken plenty of water along with us is crucial. Make sure you’ve packed your kids water bottle with you so you can access that all important H20 as quickly as possible. I’ve been known to pack a bottle AND a juice too just in case.

(2) Sudocrem:

The only downside of having so much energy is that the inevitable trip, fall, cut and bruise does happen. Fortunately this is where Sudocrem comes in very very handy. Not only a brilliant nappy rash cream, but it actually has all the properties of an antiseptic skin care for more everyday needs. I didn’t discover this until quite recently. So when that inevitable fall, cut or scrap happens did you know you can use a little Sudocrem on that wound? What’s great about it too is that it comes in a little bottle so won’t take up much space in that rucksack!

(3) Snacks:

I tried all sorts of snacks for a while – raisins, rice cakes. We still pack fruit in a tub – grapes, strawberries, blueberries are the favorites. But then I had an epiphany recently! When the kids are ready for a snack or meal that means they are at or near their hungriest. They’ll be ready for some food intake. So why not use your dad skill powers to not just default to their usual favourites but inject some things that you’ve been cautious to try at home at dinner time. So whether it’s a new way to cook healthy pizza or home made chicken lollipops, you can use snack time to inject new found food creativity.

(4) Puzzles:

A great way to have a little time-out, or to get their brain engaged in a different way is with everyday puzzles. Sometimes this means having a little puzzle, game or toy that can be ideal for a bit of wind down before you get back home. But sometimes the most enjoyable puzzles are the ones that don’t need any props. Recently I’ve loved nothing more than looking upwards at the sky on the train with my son and dreaming up various stories. The right imaginations can keep their mind engaged so they’re using all the muscles in the body! 😉

(5) Change of clothes – especially trousers:

A change of clothes is just as important at toddler and infant stage but for different reasons. At Toddler stage you’ll be soon in that potty training phase, and a ‘little accident’ is all too common when you mix in the ecstatic fun that the activities are going to provide. At infant stage where the energy is still really rocking you may want to bring that extra T-shirt or trousers for that bit of extra freshness on the way back home, especially if you’ve been to any kind of soft play during the day.

Make sure you’re all set for a great day!

What’s in your Toddler Bag?