We go to the gym to work out our bodies, but what do we do to work out our facial muscles? Yes, our facial muscles! More then 50 muscles make up the structure of the human face and, among other things, are responsible for our facial expressions and movements. Author Catherine Pez attests that these muscles can be toned like skeletal muscles. The 5 Minute Facial Workout has 30 workouts for a naturally beautiful face.

The Five Minute Workout begins by explaining the facial muscles and where they are located. It then dives into great foods to eat to nourish your skin. The most important part itself, the exercise, is broken down based on age. It is clear, and has easy to understand photographs to preform each exercise. Do this five minutes a day and see a noticable change in your skin!

At the end, there is even a section on how to give yourself a nice facial massage!


If you have a busy life or are just looking for something quick and easy to give your face a rejuvenation, then The 5 Minute Facial Workout is your answer! Click here to purchase it today!