The ABCs of Yoga for Kids Around The World

In honour/honor of Kid’s Yoga Day (created by Teresa Anne Power) thousands of children participate in practicing 5 minutes of yoga on the same day at the same time. Started in 2016, this inaugural year was nothing less than magic.

The first year was such a success that Teresa decided to write a book, entitled The ABC’s of Yoga for Kids Around The World. With the beautiful illustrations by Kathleen Rietz and the exceptional layout of this book, we know that this year will be amazing!

This book is incredible for children. The ABCs names a country for each letter of the alphabet and a wonderful yoga pose.

Your child will learn geography and probably touch on countries that they have never heard of. You will tour 32 wonderful countries and learn so many interesting facts about each. Parents, prepare to learn a thing or two yourselves!

Yoga is a non-competitive form of exercise and this is perfect for children to learn, stay healthy and have a clear mind.

For younger children, this is a great way to learn the alphabet and practice through movement. What a great way for children to learn!

The yoga explanations are lyrical which a great way for any child to learn is. Your child will keep these positive points close to them by remembering their lyrical explanations.

The fun illustrations are easy to understand and children can emulate them, learning proper positioning and still having a wonderful imagination.

Children will learn to meditate, be calm and become even more self-aware.

The exercise will help your child become more flexible, focus more, build core strength and work on their coordination. This is a great way for your child to promote healthy activity in their lives.

Most of all, we love that this book is so interactive. The whole family can become involved and it is a great family exercise to do not only on Kid’s Yoga Day but every day!

We are so inspired by Teresa Anne Power’s book. She is an internationally acclaimed children’s yoga expert and bestselling author and founder of Kid’s Yoga Day. Join the movement. Promote diversity, oneness and nurture these young yogis!