To ensure a bond with your baby to be, it is integral to bond with your child both physically and emotionally. From pregnancy to the first years of life, bonding with your baby and creating a deep connection is essential.


The Attachment Pregnancy: The Ultimate Guide To Bonding With Your Baby book gives you the proper tips to do just that! Introducing your child in a loving, caring environment before birth is possible.  Pregnancy experts Laurel Wilson and Tracy Wilson Peters have outlined each stage of development of your child and offering excellent expertise. The book itself is based on the principle that a parent can have the biggest impact on a child within the first few years of his or her life. Parents can connect with their child on deep levels and make sure that they are meeting their young ones needs.


The book is divided into four parts: The Beginning, The First Trimester, The Second Trimester and The Third Trimester/Starting your new family. Learn how to keep a positive mental attitude meditate and review your relationships with others, before you have your baby and begin the bond with that baby.  Our favorite chapter was Building Supportive Relationships which includes building a relationship with yourself. There is a great section of changing your mentality to be accepting rather then resisting. We won`t give too much away but it was an excellent learning lesson! You will also learn to be more present, more positive and to manifest the type of pregnancy that you want to have with your child! Become a strong, positive parent and a healthier happier version of yourself, both inside and out.

Laurel Wilson and Tracy Wilson Peters have a great book that parents to be and new parents a like will appreciate!  Renew your relationship with yourself and others and ultimately build the best bond possible with your bundle of joy with this book. The Attachment Pregnancy is getting wonderful reviews, including from Mother, Author and Actress Mayim Bialk. You can pick up a copy of the book here.