Celebrity Baby Trend Expert Rachel Florio-Urso has outdone herself again with all of these great designers! She also introduced us to our photographer of the month, the talented Melisa Wilson from Melissa Wilson photography. For all of you Moms and Dads who are thinking what they are going to get their little ones for the holidays, look no further then this months Baby Spot Bests! Read on for inspiration.



Connecticut, USA is lucky to have one of the most talented family photographers we have ever seen! Melissa Wilson is a brilliant photographer, capturing those little hidden gem moments in every photograph. Melissa is not only a family photographer but a birth photographer. Her birth photography is stunning, inspirational, moving and most of all, powerful. She also has photographed weddings!
It’s so hard to choose, because all of her work is so great, but we could not help but be absolutely moved by her birth photos. She captured those first few breaths of a child’s life so beautifully.
If you are located in NJ, MA, RI and NY, you have to go with Melissa Wilson Photography to capture those precious life moments.
  For your child who likes to accessorize, Shoeglits are trendy, adorable and bring out your creative child! Shoeglits is the new fashionable accessory for shoes! IShoeglits is a fashionable and functional way to lace up and tighten your sneaks! We love that it is No-tie laces! Easy elasticized shoe accessories with fun, fashion-forward buttons and creative beads! Girls and boys ages 3+ can collect Shoeglits™, change Shoegilts™ in creative ways, or share Shoeglits™ with friends and family!
Make sure you get Shoeglits™ for that special child who wants to stand-out and have fun at the same time!
Free Like Birdie
Free Like Birdie-24in
Free Like Birdie Complete set high resolution
Everyone loves Free Like Birdie! These lightweight, reusable and ecofriendly bags also have a printed packing chart inside (great for families!)  Free Like Birdie is perfect for daily use and family travel (especially holiday travel!) Have your little ones carry in style.

Miss Kiki of Cherry Blossom Lane



Website – http://www.misskikiofcherryblossomlane.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/MissKikiofCherryBlossomLane

Twitter – https://twitter.com/MissKikiDolls

Pinterest – https://pinterest.com/misskikidolls


Miss Kiki of Cherry Blossom Lane® is a Bespoke collection of unique, petite one of a kind luxury companion dolls. Handcrafted in studio, Australia. Intricately detailed (each doll takes three hours to make), sustainably filled and crafted for play. Select from our one of a kind Boutique collection dolls or collaborate with our artisans to design and create your child’s most perfect, one of a kind companion. Beautiful, personalised luxury gifting.







Toto Knits



A fun and funky fashion brand that gives back as it’s created!


Toto Knits is a beautiful line of organic cotton knitwear ethically made by a group of single mothers in Kenya. Looking for organic clothing for a cause? Toto Knits is 100% organic cotton and bio friendly dyes. Each piece is made to order and signed by the knitter who made it. Accessories that give to Anti-Bullying campaigns. What could be better then buying these adorable products and supporting single Mothers in Kenya?









BU helps fund programs that increase social awareness to prevent BULLYING and increase SELF-ESTEEM through fun fashionable socks, belts and bows that will foster the creative, stylish spirit in each of us! A percentage of the proceeds is donated to help fund anti-bullying campaigns.



The Ollie Swaddle
The Ollie Swaddle is designed to decrease fussiness and assist in self calming. Improves quality and duration of sleep for your little one. Named after the owner’s handsome son, Oliver, the Ollie Swaddle is there to help parents give that comforting pressure for their baby. Read Ollie’s story here.
Mayapple Baby
Mayapple Baby designs and brings you exciting, practical and eco-friendly baby products, including feeding, teething, child safety and more.

Their silicone teething toys are unique, stylish, practical and designed for all teething stages.  They are made with German medical-grade silicone; free of plastics, heavy metal, BPA, Phthalates and Nitrosamines.  Stay tuned for more new products this season!


Suri Teething toys is a set of three stylish, nautical or marine-themed teething toys made with 100% medical-grade silicone.Two color sets: Blueberry and Lemon. Each teether is BPA and Phthalates free. Suri Teethers and the ABC sets are featured with multiple teething sites, sensory points and textures designed for all teething phases. Use the toy strap hole for on-the-go teething fun!A fun, fashionable and functional way to lace up and tighten your sneaks!www.bada-boum.com – A wonderfully soft and functional sleep sack designed by a french mother of two with a fashion background, living in California. Made in the USA.One word: Exquisite.





Bella Bundles


Instagram – bellabundlesbaby
Bella Bundles has created reversible bibs, blankets and towel hoodies for the hippest bundle in your life. Our products fit the modern mom who wants style in anything she puts put on her child.


All items are designed with function and comfort in mind. At Bella Bundles our products need to be usable, wearable and practical.






Spelled I LOVE backwards, this clever high end brand is now coming to the USA. Its luxe body and skin care line is fantastic and its sweet baby gift set collections are perfect for any new Mom!




Bada Boum







This wonderfully soft and function sleep sack was designed by a french mother of two with a fashion background who now lives in California. It’s comfortable, safe and kids will love it as much as the adult putting on the all in one garment. Made in The USA!



Special thank you to Super Mom Rachel Florio- Urso, the celebrity Baby Trend Expert for all of her great finds!

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