We found some great finds across the world for the month of November!  We have a great American blogger of the month and a great travel theme for this month. Check out our great finds and visit these websites today!






Our guilty pleasure has been Bad Playdate. We have all been there, taken our children on a play-date that leaves us scratching our heads in amazement. Did that bizzare play date just happen? Whether it is an over competitive Mom or a crazy kid, poor Bad Playdate has experienced it all. She is anonymous, which we love and gives advice for keeping our cool with some bad play date parents.  She is an excellent writer and when reading about her experiences and stories, you feel like you are her sympathetic friend, listening to her hilarious experiences. She is calm, cool and collective and really knows how to paint the scene so you feel like you’re there. Bad Playdate is witty and makes us laugh. As a parent, this is a must read website. Don’t miss it! Visit it today!






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Alexsee Pod Out

With our travel theme in mind, why not let your little tot or child feel excited about travel and have a great time?  The Playaway Case is a perfect travel luggage for children. Its a suitcase and an entertainment center! Have your children entertained with built in games or have them pack some of their own! We love that Playaway case has an extendable handle to protect our children’s backs from heavy lifting. Some of the cases are small enough to qualify as a carry-on on an airplane. Playaway case has its Pioneers, its adorable little mascots that each have a story to tell. Each Pioneer has a exciting travel occupation and a travel story to tell. We think that young children will love to think of themselves as one of the Pioneers too when going abroad! Order the Play Away case right from the website: www.playawaycase.com. Read an exclusive article about this great product on thebabyspot.ca in early November!!!

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Thebabyspot.ca went on a family adventure to the Netherlands this past month and we had a FANTASTIC TIME! From Amsterdam to The Hague, our tot was in vacation heaven. We went off season, so the majority of fellow tourists were dutch. Our one year old was spoiled by people of all ages! From teenagers to Omas and Opas, we were approached about our little one, given compliments, allowing our child to interact with other people. Her “thank- yous” became “dankus” and people were just so overly kind. The scenary of Amsterdam and The Hague gave our child so much to look at and the people were so wonderful to be around!


Our little one would walk around parliament in The Hague in the mornings and the beach in the afternoons. The food was organic, yummy and our tot kept saying “cheese, PLEASE!” for cheese. Transportation was wonderful and the trams make room for new Mothers. Everyone was so overly accomodating. Will she remember this trip at one year old? Probably not. But, we can say with confidence, she came back with so many good feelings and love. This is definitely a wonderful family vacation. Read more about it next week on www.thebabyspot.ca


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