The Best Balance Bike For Your Toddler

When your child is ready to start riding, you may be looking for a toddler friendly bike that can help them with their gross motor skills. Parents want the best balance bike for their toddler but do not know where to start!

We found that our friends at Coco Village have the best balance bike for your toddler! You have to check out this amazing balance bike collection!

Why A Balance Bike?

coco village balance bikes

Many parents want to jump right into a tricycle for their toddler but are confused why they sometimes do not grasp the concept immediately. A Balance Bike is a great transition between riding in a stroller and riding a tricycle. Balance Bikes:

  • Teach toddlers the gross motor skills needed to balance and steer a bike
  • Learn how to push off and steer at the same time
  • Learn how to balance on a tricycle
  • Steering left and right
  • Being in control of where you want to go
  • Learning to go at a faster speed
  • Move outdoors
  • Learn how to ride on a sidewalk or a path
  • Be introduced to bike safety (helmets, knee pads, sidewalk safety)

Starting with a Balance Bike is fun, lets your child try a new skill a lot sooner than they would with a tricycle and perfect those fine motor skills and gross motor skills. You want a balance bike for your child’s size and that will grow with them to the next stage of push trike riding.

Coco Village Balance Bikes

balance bike for one year olds

This is one of our most favorite products of the year! Coco Village has THE BEST products for families and we are not surprised that their Balance Bike Collection is exceptional. Coco Village has amazing exclusive designs and has a helmet and bike accessories collection.

Here is what we love. If you have an active one to three year old, this is a great way to get your child to start challenging their fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Your little one will learn how to get on the bike and steer. Toddlers will learn how to push themselves forward. We also saw that our two year old mastered the art of backing up! This is guaranteed hours of fun and prepares them for a lifetime of biking!


balance bikes for two year olds

The assembly was easy! It took us less than ten minutes and our toddler was impatiently waiting to give this bike a spin! We had no problem riding on sidewalks and in the winter this will be great to rise around the garage or a basement.We reviewed the Nano Retro 2 in 1 Balance Bike. We love that the wheels in the back can go to one. This goes from a trike to a bike with a quick and easy assembly!

What We Love

Your toddler will be pleased with the easiness of getting on and off of the bike (especially for your toddling one year olds!) This will burn a toddlers endless energy and give them the independence they crave while under the watchful eye of a loving parent. Coco Village creates products that parents love for their children. They are safe, effective and full of fun.  It can be difficult to find brands that you trust in your busy lifestyle. Let us emphasize that your family is safe with Coco Village and their fantastic brands.

For a balance bike that understands the needs of your toddler, go no further than choosing a NANO balance bike from Coco Village!