Giving a personalized book to your children is not only a perfect gift idea, it is giving them a keepsake for the rest of their lives. It creates a bond between gift giver and child that will last a lifetime. Give your child a high quality keepsak with a personalized message that they will cherish forever from In The Book.

In The Book

We want our children to feel special with this special gift. We were happy to know that In The Book is a fantastic service to help us find the perfect gift. These personalized books for kids let your children read about themselves in a very special unique keepsake to them.

The Process

We found the process so simple. This was so easy to use, we knew that this gift would be our little one’s favorites. Choose from any of the many books to personalize. Include your child’s name and if you like a personalized message. You can also choose to upload a picture of your child. Once you are finished, we simply placed the order with our address and contact information. Our package arrived quickly and we were so impressed with what we received.

Winnie The Pooh Personalized Book

We chose the Winnie The Pooh personalized book for our child. We asked for their name to be on the book and a personalized message.

winnie the pooh personalilsed book

It came in this beautiful keepsake box as a part of the Timeless Series. This is perfect for parents to keep this book as a keepsake. The box is beautiful and can be displayed, but also keeps the book itself safe. We opened up the Winnie The Pooh book and were impressed with the cover itself.

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Our child’s name was at the bottom in gold for this beautiful Winnie The Pooh story. As a Winnie The Pooh fan, we knew that this will be loved for years to come and with its beautiful box, can be stored safely in our child’s room or personal library. We were impressed with the gold lettering, the delightful story and our personal message on the inside. You can also add a picture of your child! If you would like to request our keepsake for your own child, we have the exact link!

Buy this book for a birthday present, Christmas gift or a just because to spoil your little one. These are delightful books but they are also keepsakes tat your child can keep into adulthood and pass on. We love books that become a part of our families story.

In the Book allows you to have the flexibility to personalize this gift the way you want to and gives you a beautiful keepsake for your entire family. We only recommend In The Book for that special gift your child is going to cherish.